Simplicity has its charm. The simple yet elegant lines that characterize English Shaker furniture provide a classic look that enhances the appeal of any bedroom. The solid wood English Shaker bedroom collection from Amish Outlet Store brings an old-world charm that is often missing in “modern,” mass-produced, factory-generated furniture. Every detail of our furniture is meticulously handcrafted by Amish furniture makers who employ the same tried-and-true techniques that have been passed down through generations. 

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A Unique Bedroom Collection

Your home is an expression of yourself, and the most intimate expression can be found within the four walls of your bedroom. It’s a space that is most often crafted to be a personal escape from the hectic chaos of the world where you can relax and feel safe and in control. The furniture chosen for this room should be purchased based on design qualities, craftsmanship, durability and personal preferences. Pre-combined bedroom sets take this control out of your hands and put it into the big box stores, but here at Amish Outlet Store, we are handing control back to you.

Skilled Amish artisans using durable and natural woods like Maple, Cherry, Oak and Hickory handcraft our Amish bedroom furniture. The natural grains of each wood shines through in each finished product, creating a completely fresh and unique piece of furniture. Although the stylistic qualities may be similar from piece to piece, no two products will ever truly look the same — which is part of what makes the English Shaker bedroom collection irresistible.

Match Your Décor to Your Bedroom Set

The beauty of hardwood Amish bedroom furniture is that it never goes out of style. No matter what your individual preferences for design are, you can rest assured knowing that your Shaker bedroom set will match the tone and theme of your room. Rather than matching your furniture to your décor style, choose a timeless and versatile furniture style like these hardwood pieces and match everything from traditional themes to modern motifs and rustic rooms.

If you have always wanted a traditionally decorated bedroom, start your journey with an English Shaker bedroom set of your choosing and pair it with pastel colors and floral designs. Finish the look with fresh flowers and antique statement pieces. If you prefer a more rugged and rustic look, try matching neutral colors with an animal hide or a set of antlers.  You can even incorporate a few modern electronics, bold colors and contemporary pieces of art for a look that combines the beauty of the natural world with the conveniences of the industrial world.

Selecting the Right Pieces for Your Home

Don’t settle for the low-quality, mass-produced furniture you can find at every single local furniture store, and don’t compromise craftsmanship and quality for convenience. Stop buying furniture you don’t like just because it is part of an in-store set. Make your own bedroom set using the English Shaker Bedroom Collection. Now you can choose your own bed style, how many chests, dressers, armoires or wardrobes you want or need rather than letting the big box stores decide for you.

If you do not have a closet but you need a place to hang your clothes, check out our English Shaker wardrobe. If you have always wanted a four-poster bed with a matching lingerie chest and dresser, you will find that, too. Perhaps you have a smaller space and need a dresser that also has available space for hanging dress clothes. We have even got you covered there — and the best part is you get to pick and choose exactly which pieces are right for you. The control is in your hands when you purchase through

Tried and True Durability That Lasts

Amish artisans and carpenters see furniture as an investment for the future because many of their own pieces of furniture are passed on from generation to generation as family heirlooms and starter sets. What this means for you is that you can be sure you are getting the best of the best in quality and craftsmanship when you buy a product made by the Amish. The quality and durability of Amish bedroom furniture is among the best because it is tested and guaranteed to stand up against the normal wear and tear of life for generations to come. It would be difficult to find a bedroom set that is better crafted or longer lasting.

High Quality at Low Prices

Most retailers would have you believe that to get high-quality items, you have to accept high-ticket prices — but that’s not how we work here at We’re a family-operated company located in Smithville, OH dedicated to providing the best products and the best customer service before, during and after the sale so you have the utmost confidence and comfort in your purchase. When you buy your English Shaker Bedroom Set now, you can receive up to 33% off the regular retail price. We even offer volume discounts and monthly specials to help you save money.

Order Your English Shaker Amish Bedroom Collection Today

Explore the variety available with our English Shaker bedroom collection to find the perfect bedroom set for you. Place your order online today! If you have any questions or would prefer to place your order by phone, we can also be reached at 1-800-217-6999.