Hampton Bedroom Collection

There are times when your bedroom needs a warm, home-like touch to make it feel complete. The Hampton Collection offers this unique sense of charm and authenticity — and because it’s made of our finest solid wood materials, you can pass down to your children and grandchildren.

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Our offerings from the Hampton Bedroom Collection are smooth, solid and durable. These characteristics help protect the luster and shape of the furniture while allowing you to feel secure and comfortable in your bedroom. 

We also provide a variety of options for this collection. This gives you the freedom to design according to your needs and stylistic preferences. Hampton delivers multiple types of nightstands and dresser styles, along with several beds, chests and more. Whether you’re interested in the elegant style of our Hampton Panel Bed or you’d prefer the extra drawer space offered by the eight-drawer chest, we have a practical and attractive solution.

Hand-Crafted Bedroom Furniture for Sale

Our skillful artisans deliver the highest quality custom-made solid wood furniture for every consumer. We build all our Hampton Collection furniture by using strong wood types such as cherry, hickory, oak, Q.S. white oak and brown maple. We will work to ensure each piece fits your needs and specifications. To us, every piece of furniture is unique and personal, so we strive to uphold those values during the design process.

Choose your wood type and stain today, and we’ll offer you up to 33% percent off on high-quality furniture! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us