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Amish Bedroom Collections: Kascade

The vast number of items and designs in the Kascade collection allow even those with different tastes in your family to find the bedroom furniture that appeals to their personal style. We offer many different options, including clothing storage with the Armoire or Deluxe Mule Chest. The varied sizes allow you to select things that perfectly suit your personal needs. The entire family can buy their bedroom pieces from the Kascade Collection. We even have a 4-drawer chest your children or grandchildren will adore.

Like most of the furniture sold on, the Kascade Collection includes customization choices to ensure you get a bed, dresser or nightstand that meets all your design criteria. You can select what type of wood your piece is made from, such as Brown Maple or Cherry. We also provide a range of stain options. Whether you prefer light, dark or somewhere in between, our hues will deepen over time. You can expect to have this furniture for quite a long time — many customers refer to our furniture as “heirloom quality” because of its impressive durability and sturdiness.

Amish artisans make every piece we sell. They observed their parents and grandparents as they made furniture, and our craftsmen picked up on the traditional techniques used by their elders. They continue to employ these unique methods today. They produce furniture that stands out from mass-produced collections at other retailers.

We post monthly specials on our homepage, in addition to providing daily discounts of up to 33 percent off. Contact us today to learn more about the Kascade Collection or place an order.