Kenton Bedroom Collection

The fine furniture in the Kenton bedroom collection will transform your room into a place of elegant sophistication. With options including a comfortable yet attractive bed, a chest of drawers with plenty of storage space, and a dresser with a mirror where you can get dressed every day, our bedroom collection can meet each of your needs. It also includes a nightstand where you can store nighttime essentials or place your glasses before you fall asleep. You can mix and match these items or buy them all together for a flexible option for your home.

The bedroom furniture pieces made by are all authentically Amish. Their quality and sturdiness compare extremely favorably to the cheap, mass-produced pieces sold by other retailers. Our artisans handcraft everything we sell, and they can customize it to your needs, too. We offer a selection of different woods as well as a range of stains, such as a dark like Asbury or a lighter one like Provincial.

Our artisans learn their trade from a young age, watching their parents and grandparents create furniture using traditional methods. These gifted craftsmen continue to use the methods employed by the generations before them, which produces furniture you can rely on for years to come. In fact, many of our customers even refer to our pieces as “heirloom quality.” You could pass them down to your children one day.

We offer monthly specials in addition to our everyday discounts of up to 33 percent off. Contact us to purchase our Kenton bedroom collection furniture or to learn more about it.

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