Kidron Shaker Bedroom Collection

Getting matching furniture for your bedroom is the culmination of a dream for many homeowners. Too many people fail to invest in themselves. They buy furniture for other rooms but neglect their bedroom, where they spend many of their waking hours, as well as the majority of their sleeping time. This approach makes little sense. Don’t you want to enjoy the place where you spend most of your time? It’s time to treat yourself to a new bedroom collection.

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The Kidron Shaker Bedroom Collection includes many options for homeowners, including a bed you can also buy steps for. This makes an ideal addition for kids who may spend lots of time in your room. You get lots of choices when you purchase furniture from this collection. You can buy it in several different types of wood, including Q.S. White Oak and Cherry. We can apply a stain, as well, or you can leave the wood in its original, natural state.

The Amish artisans who make our beautiful furniture learned their trade by watching their parents and grandparents create tables, chairs, beds and dressers. The Amish pass down their special furniture-making techniques from generation to generation, which has earned them an unparalleled reputation for quality. Many people consider our furniture “heirloom quality” because of its durability and appeal. You may pass these pieces on to your children one day.

We offer up to 33 percent off everyday prices, and we post specials on our homepage, as well. Contact us today to learn more about the Kidron Shaker Bedroom Collection.