Legacy Bedroom Collection

Adding furniture from the Legacy bedroom collection to your home will give you the upgrade you have been dreaming of. Our well-made and attractive furniture is handcrafted by Amish artisans who work until they get each piece absolutely perfect. The small artistic touches on every item, as well as the high quality of materials our craftsmen employ, make our furniture head and shoulders above the mass-produced kind you find at other retailers.

You can pick and choose from the pieces in the collection, or you may want to buy them all. Each one will bring an elegant and organized look to your bedroom, and you also get plenty of storage space between the dressers, nightstand, chest and more. You can customize our furniture to meet your decor needs. Choose the type of wood you want us to make the furniture from, such as Q.S. White Oak or Brown Maple. Then select a stain, picking from options such as Michaels, Honeywood and Husk. Or, you may prefer to stick with the natural grain of the wood and skip the stain.

Our artisans learned to make furniture by watching their parents and grandparents at work. The younger generations adopt the same traditional techniques used by their elders, producing pieces designed to stand up to the rigors of time and repeated usage. Many customers refer to our durable furniture as “heirloom quality,” and they plan to pass it on to their kids one day.

Get up to 33 percent off everyday pricing and check out our monthly specials posted on our homepage. Contact us today to learn more about the Legacy bedroom collection!

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