Mesa Bedroom Collection

If you’re looking to add some personality and color to your room, the Mesa Bedroom Collection could be the right solution for you. Complete with curved posts, inlays and decorative tenons, the furniture pieces in this collection are designed to make your sleeping quarters a more inviting and pleasant area for your evening and morning routines.

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The pieces included in this collection are:

  • A panel bed
  • A chest
  • A mirror dresser 
  • An enclosed nightstand
  • An open nightstand

The Mesa Bedroom Collection offers the practical storage space, comfort and convenience to help you redesign or enhance your room. In addition, the solid wood build of these pieces makes them more long-lasting and durable than most mass-produced furniture you could buy from another store.

Meet All Your Bedroom Needs With Mesa Furniture

We love providing customers with furniture they can use for many years. While we offer specific models of Mesa Collection bedroom items, each one comes out a little differently because we hand-craft every piece. All the woodwork, tiny details, and decorative touches you see are characteristics we add on an individual basis. You can rest assured of our commitment to quality and personalization.

We offer our Mesa Bedroom Collection furniture in cherry, brown maple, oak, and Q.S. white oak wood types. Choose a wood stain and add a product to your cart today — and remember that you could receive up to 33% off the retail price for a high-quality piece of solid wood furniture!