New Harmony Bedroom Collection

Do you have clutter in your bedroom, or perhaps an empty space you want to fill with a new dresser or chest? Then consider investing in brand-new solid wood furniture from’s New Harmony Bedroom Collection. This furniture is custom-built by our team of seasoned artisans with the highest quality wood and eco-friendly varnish, which gives it a little bit of rustic appeal and allows it to last for years with proper love and care.

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In the New Harmony Collection, we offer two types of nightstands — one with a drawer and a bottom cavity and one with three drawers. We also have a five-drawer chest and a six-drawer chest, along with a six-drawer and eight-drawer dresser. If you have a larger selection of clothes or you simply want to free up some drawer space, the New Harmony dresser and chest are ideal options.

Upgrade Your Bedroom With the New Harmony Collection

Our artisans build New Harmony furniture with wood types such as hickory, oak, brown maple, cherry and Q.S. white oak, as well as rustic versions of our cherry and Q.S. white oak. Any of our oak stains would help you use this furniture to complete the existing or desired aesthetic of in your bedroom.

If you’re the type of individual who enjoys keeping their rooms organized and their decor understated, New Harmony is the right collection of furniture for you. Check out our discounts now to find out if you can get up to 33% off on the furniture of your choice! Or give us a call for more information.