Tucson Bedroom Collection

Have you always dreamed of having an elegant bedroom furniture collection? One that includes just the right furniture placed artfully around your room? A collection you can use for years to come without worrying about wear and tear?

If so, the Tuscan Bedroom Collection is exactly what you desire. This sophisticated furniture looks fantastic in any bedroom. Whether you have a lot of space or just a small one, our pieces instantly elevate the appearance of the room. From the classy style of the drawer pulls to the soft touch of the fabric bed, our furniture features unparalleled creative design.

You can buy the entire collection or just add a few pieces to your room. We offer customization options for the Tucson Bedroom Collection, as well as for the other furniture we sell. You can select which type of wood you prefer, ranging from Rustic Cherry to Oak to Brown Maple. You can also pick a stain. We have Golden Oak, Provincial, Husk and many more. The stain helps preserve the natural grain of the wood.

Amish artisans create every single piece of furniture we sell. They learned how to make furniture by watching their parents and grandparents at work. Eventually, these gifted craftsmen picked up on the traditional techniques used by their elders and began to build their own furniture. They continue to use these time-tested methods today because they work so well. Our customers even refer to our items as “heirlooms” due to their undeniable quality.

Check out the monthly specials posted on our homepage — and enjoy up to 33 percent off our everyday prices. Contact us today to get more information or to place your order!

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