Amish Bookcases in Shaker & Mission Styles

An attractive, solidly built bookcase can be a welcome addition to an office, study, den, library or family room. We offer over 200 handcrafted solid wood Amish bookcases featuring the perennially popular Shaker and Mission furniture styles. Choose from a wide range of fashionable and functional pieces such as the Barrister Bookcase, Traditional Cabinet, Executive Bookcase, Corner Bookcase Unit, Village Library Bookcase and many more.

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Classic Amish Furniture That’s Made to Order

You’ll never find cookie-cutter wood office furniture at You’ll be able to customize your bookcase to your liking by choosing from elegant, durable hardwoods such as oak, maple, quarter-sawn white oak and rustic cherry, as well as from numerous aesthetically appealing wood stains.

Our location in the heart of Ohio Amish country gives us easy access to talented Amish furniture makers who will construct an heirloom-quality bookcase that’s sure to remain in your family for many generations.

What Makes These Bookcases Unique?

What makes Amish bookcases unique? For one thing, these are solid wood bookcases, built for durability as well as design appeal. A lot of today’s bookcases are made overseas using plastic, cheap metals or substandard woods. Not Amish bookshelves and bookcases!

Our furniture is handcrafted right here in the United States. That’s not all that makes Amish bookcases special. And it’s not the variety either, although there’s plenty of that. You can order Shaker-style bookcases, Mission-style bookcases and you have lots of options.

What really makes these bookcases unique is the Amish attention to detail. The Amish furniture makers who supply pride themselves on making heirloom-quality workspace furniture with every bookshelf they create.

Making Your Selection Process Simple

Amish Outlet Store is dedicated to offering you premium quality bookcases in practical sizes. We know that choosing a home or office bookcase can be a big decision, so our product descriptions have the necessary information for peace of mind. You’ll know exactly where you can put your all-new Amish bookcase before it’s even made.

You’ll notice right away that our bookcases have specific names to help you remember your favorite styles, such as a Mission Double Bookcase. Click on any of the bookcases to see their dimensions. Amish Outlet Store provides you with numerous options for shelf storage. If your selection has multiple shelving compartments, you can rest assured knowing we post the dimensions of each.

Also, our store is home to Amish solid wood bookcases with beautiful glass inserts. Read through our product details to see what types of glass accents are available to make your piece entirely custom.

Different Bookcase Configurations for Your Needs

Finding the right bookcase is simple thanks to our wide selection of products. Place an Amish bookshelf in your living room or home office with the confidence your order will hold everything you have in mind. We proudly offer Amish bookcases featuring double doors, cabinets and drawers to keep you organized. Access the books and items you need in seconds.

How Should I Use My Solid Wood Bookcases?

While bookcases from Amish Outlet Store are normally used for storing books, this is just scratching the surface of what you can place on your new purchase. Aside from books, you’ll find that our hardwood bookcases are great as wall units for displaying artwork, picture frames, home décor items and other decorations.

Whether you’re a bookworm or you simply want to present belongings that matter to you, we have solid wood bookcases that will do the trick.

What Style of Décor Goes Well With an Amish Bookcase?

You might think that Amish bookcases only go with a certain style of décor, but with the number of options we provide at, that’s far from the truth. If your room’s décor matches well with Shaker-style bookcases, that’s no problem. If it’s a Village Library bookcase that works for your home, we’ve got it for you.

Mission-style bookcases? Absolutely, we’ve got tons to choose from and plenty of styles to suit your taste. Combine that with our variety of shapes, sizes, quality hardwoods and wood stains, and you can find Amish bookcases customized to just the look you want your living room or study to have.

Can I Use These Bookcases in My Commercial Workspace?

You receive many benefits when you add our well-made bookcases to your office space. You can order our bookcases in bulk, making this a quick and easy way to upgrade the look of your office. Bookcases provide fantastic organizational opportunities for your staff. Instead of cramming their folders, books and reference materials into their desk, or leaving them piled on chairs around the room, they can utilize a bookcase to keep everything neat and organized.

You can add Amish bookcases to conference rooms to ensure you always have materials on hand to show prospective clients, such as pamphlets about your business and models of what you build. Matching bookcases also give your office a more professional look that will impress visitors. Your employees will appreciate an upgrade to their space, too. We have many options for styles to suit any office decor.

There Are So Many Pieces, How Do I Select Which Works Best for My Room?

There certainly are a lot of great Amish bookcases to choose from. How do you select which works best for your room? You want something that will complement your existing furniture. If you’ve got a lot of wide pieces, you might opt for a narrower bookcase, while, if you’ve got plenty of tall items, a shorter, wider bookcase might be the trick. If you’re storing items in your bookcase that need extra protection, you may want a bookcase with doors.

Finding the right solid wood bookcases will be a combination of utility and style. You also shouldn’t be afraid to get the whole family in on the decision, and it couldn’t hurt to get input from friends and neighbors, too. With all the great choices available to you, you’re sure to find one that just feels right sooner or later.

Is This Piece Durable Enough to Hold Up to Everyday Wear and Tear?

One of the reasons takes such pride in the Amish bookcases and Amish bookshelves we offer is the workmanship. And great Amish workmanship isn’t just about building a bookcase that looks great — it’s about building one that lasts: a solid, sturdy piece that exudes durability as much as style.

We don’t recommend you subject your Amish bookcase to daily high stress, but opening and closing doors, taking books in and out and even moving it to another part of the room occasionally should all be no problem for these quality pieces.

Find out more about these high-quality pieces and make your selection at today!

Is There a Certain Way to Clean Amish Bookshelves?

In general, pieces of furniture accumulate dust. To keep your contemporary bookcase from Amish Outlet Store looking spotless, you can use a feather duster. Try to dust off shelves as a part of your normal cleaning routine. Keeping wooden surfaces free of dust reduces the chance of scratches forming over time.

Your solid wood bookcase will benefit from deeper cleaning every so often. Use some mild dish soap with water to remove dirt. You should wipe down surfaces to dry them before placing books back on the shelves. We also have a full guide on how to care for solid wood furniture to help you ensure your furniture maintains its beauty.

You’ll Enjoy Our Great Prices and Unbeatable Customer Service

We offer our customers many ways to save money on handmade Amish furniture. Order any bookcase from our collection today and get up to 33% off the retail price. Save even more by taking advantage of our large order discount. Our friendly Sales Consultants will be happy to help you maximize your discount options, as well as assist you with customization, ordering, shipping or anything else you need!

Take a few minutes to explore our entire collection of handsome, solid wood Amish bookcases. You’ll be glad you did!