Every home is different, and every dining room and kitchen requires a unique combination of storage, seating and shelving. AmishOutletStore.com has you covered with a range of quality accessories and other products. On this page, you’ll find accessories from step stools to butcher block carts and everything in between. Explore our inventory below or contact our office for assistance.

We believe even relatively minor kitchen accessories should offer value and reliable performance. While you likely could find a cheaper tea cart or storage cabinet at your local chain retailer, there’s no guarantee it will offer the same level of quality as our American made products. Most big box stores make their furniture overseas, using flimsy veneers and other inexpensive materials. The result is a product designed to be disposable.

At AmishOutletStore.com, Amish artisans handmake all our products using traditional construction techniques and carefully sourced materials. Our team also crafts each piece to order, which gives you the option of customizing it to your specific requirements. This can involve choosing a stain to match the furniture in your dining room or kitchen already, adding on extra storage or making further modifications as necessary. 

All our products feature classic designs, and Mission and Shaker-style antiques inspire most of them. Purchase any of these extras alongside a matching table, chair set or other furniture for a complete solution that will transform your room into a showroom caliber space. 

Thanks to our large order discount program, the more you spend at AmishOutletStore.com, the more you’ll save. Contact a representative to learn how to qualify for up to 33% off retail by purchasing your furniture as part of a set. 

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You may not have room left in your kitchen for extra cabinets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add useful storage space. Many of our AmishOutletStore.com dining and kitchen extra pieces are designed to be compact enough to fit in any home. Our teacarts and wet bars are portable and can be moved around as you need them. This gives you a maximum of flexibility when preparing or serving meals. Our stools can also be slid under a table or counter, out of the way, until you need them. Amish dining and kitchen extras are a great way to equip your kitchen or dining room with tons of high-quality pieces that complement your existing furniture.

At AmishOutletStore.com, all of our solid wood furniture can be customized right here on our site:

  • Start by browsing through our catalog and select the dining and kitchen extras that interest you.
  • Take a look at the large colored photos to appreciate the design and style of each piece.
  • We provide detailed descriptions including dimensions, so you can know if your extra will fit.
  • You get to choose the hardwood you want for your furniture, with choices like oak, cherry and maple.
  • With many models, you even get to choose the stain to personalize your extra the way you want it.

As you can see, it’s fun and simple to customize your own Amish dining and kitchen extras. Once you’ve placed your order, our Amish artisans will get started crafting your furniture exactly the way you’ve planned it. They put generations of skill and know-how into every piece they make, which shows up in the selection of the wood, the careful fabrication and the sturdy construction of your solid wood furniture.

Hand-Made Amish Furniture of Superior Quality

Every dining/kitchen extra begins with your choice of the finest northern kiln-dried hardwoods such as oak, cherry, maple and hickory, which are among the most durable materials available for furniture manufacturing today. Our Smithville, OH location also gives us easy access to talented Amish artisans who still make furniture the old-fashioned way: one piece at a time and completely by hand. This results in beautiful, heirloom-quality furniture that is built to last for a long time to come.

There’s a reason Amish solid wood furniture has earned the reputation it has today. For generations, hardworking Amish artisans have been crafting their timeless classic furniture the same way their parents and grandparents taught them. Today’s Amish craftsmen are now passing along their knowledge, skills and passion to their children. You can be part of this uniquely American tradition and support local workers. Mass-produced furniture is often produced in far-away countries at the lowest cost possible, with little regard to the workers or quality of the furniture.

This low-quality furniture is often made from particle board and pressboard material, which is neither robust nor attractive. It is designed to be shipped flat and assembled later, which means it simply can’t have the finish or durability of real solid wood Amish furniture. Even the finishes are lacking, due to thin veneers and cost-cutting hardware. Invest instead in an Amish dining or kitchen extra that will be around for years to come and look as good as they day it was crafted.

Purchase Your Dining/Kitchen Extra Today and Save!

There’s no better time to buy a dining/kitchen extra from AmishOutletStore.com than right now. We’ll give you up to 33% off the regular retail price if you place your order today. You can also save up to 13% by purchasing multiple items and taking full advantage of our large-order discount. Other ways to save include our ongoing monthly promotions and paying for your furniture by check.

Thanks to a wide range of shapes and sizes, there’s an AmishOutletStore.com extra that will fit your dining area or kitchen. We look forward to sharing with you the beauty and practicality of a great Amish solid wood dining or kitchen extra. Take a closer look at our entire solid wood Amish Dining/Kitchen Extras collection and order the piece that works best for your home!