For generations, French hutches have been one of the most sought-after functional items for homeowners. Whether placed in the kitchen or dining room, they offer a wealth of storage while adding to the overall visual appeal of the space. If you’ve ever thought about owning a French country hutch made using Amish skills and craftsmanship, now is your opportunity.

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At, we offer many styles of French country hutches, all of which are made of the most beautiful, trustworthy hardwoods on the planet. When you make your selection, you can choose from woods like Oak, Rustic Q.S. White Oak, Rustic Cherry, Brown Maple, Q.S. Oak and Cherry. Additionally, you can further personalize any French hutch purchase by adding a stain in the color of your choice. This truly makes your item a one-of-a-kind furniture piece.


How Does a French Hutch Differ From Other Hutch Styles?

The French hutch is a particular type of hutch. It is sophisticated and ornate. It’s also crafted with additional wood carvings, and these add eye-catching elements as well as a distinctly European feel to the item. If you enjoy having furniture pieces that are stylish as well as utilitarian, you’ll appreciate having a French hutch.

When you order your French country hutch for the kitchen or dining room, you can enjoy getting up to 33% off regular retail prices. Plus, if you buy your Amish hutch using a check instead of credit card, you’ll save an additional 3%. Who says you have to pay more to get high-quality furnishings for your home?

Little Ways to Care for Your New French Country Hutch

The little things really do add up when it comes to caring for your new French country hutch from Some tips we suggest are:

  • Use only products that are high-quality and meant to be used on wood. Never use any harsh chemicals or scrubbers on your Amish hutch.
  • Dry off any moisture immediately. This includes glass cleaner you may use to shine the windows of your hutch. Also, don’t forget the cleaner can accumulate in the crack between the glass panels and the wood, so be sure to get that cleaned out as well.
  • Keep your hutch away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the wood to discolor and even break down over time. It’s best to move your French hutch to an area where it can be seen, but is not going to be hit with the sun’s rays.
  • Check your household humidity. High humidity can be disastrous if you have wood furniture. Keep the humidity in your home regulated with fans, central air conditioning or a dehumidifier during the humid seasons.
  • When moving your French hutch, protect the glass. You might want to hire professional movers if you are relocating to a different home as this will reduce the chance of your Amish hutch being damaged. Professional movers know how to protect fragile items like glass during moves.

By taking care of your French hutch, you’ll be able to count on it for all your storage and display needs for the future!