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If you want to reduce clutter in your office while making a statement, consider adding a Mission file cabinet to the room. Not only will all your loose papers and documents be organized and out of sight, but you’ll have a durable piece of furniture that will last a lifetime. Mission file cabinets are built by Amish artisans using traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Styles of Mission File Cabinets

Many styles are available, so you’re sure to find the perfect file cabinet to complement your office and accommodate all your documents. As with all Mission office furniture, you can choose the type of wood and finish that you want. If you have other Mission office furniture, we can easily match the wood type and finish to the pieces you already have. Find the Mission file cabinet that will last you a lifetime.

Some of our Mission file cabinet styles include:

  • Multiple Drawer: Depending on your needs, you can choose a file cabinet with more or less drawers. The smallest mission file cabinets have two drawers, while larger ones can have four or more. Consider how much space you have in your office for a piece of furniture, as well as how much stuff you have to file away.
  • Credenza: A credenza mission file cabinet is a longer piece of furniture that may have several columns of drawers. Instead of two drawers on top of one another, a credenza may have a grid of four drawers or more.
  • Lateral: A lateral file cabinet is somewhere between a multiple-drawer cabinet and a credenza. Though it may only have two drawers on top of one another, the lateral file cabinets tend to be wider than a standard file cabinet, offering more drawer space.
  • Hutch Top: For additional displayed storage, we can attach a hutch to the top of a Mission file cabinet. Shelves and cabinets in the hutch offer even more storage than a file cabinet alone. The hutch top works great with lateral file cabinets and credenzas.
  • Double: Double file cabinets basically look like two file cabinets fused side-by-side to create one larger file cabinet. Though they may not be as wide as a lateral file cabinet or credenza, they may be deeper for extra drawer space.

Choose the Mission file cabinet style that will best suit your office needs. When you shop with, you can get up to 33% off the original price of your filing cabinet. Browse our products now!