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The Shakers, a group of reformed Quakers, journeyed to the United States in the 1770s. Their communities valued strongly-held principles that urged members to discourage boastfulness, excessive pride and wastefulness. Instead, they believed in simplicity, hard work, a purpose-driven life and integrity.

Within the Shaker communities, the fruit of intensive labor resulted in styles of furniture we still see today. The Shaker style of furniture is known for its simplistic design complemented by durable construction: an accurate representation of the Shaker belief that functionality should take precedence over elaborate details.

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One of the finest examples of Shaker furniture is our beloved Shaker-style chairs. Featuring corbels and reverse panels, each of our Shaker-style chairs is custom-built for you. Our customization options include several wood stains, all available by sample, as well as a diverse selection of wood type. Our wood type choices include brown maple, cherry, oak, Q.S. white oak and rustic cherry.

Although each of our furniture pieces is built to your specifications, there are certain characteristics of all products you can count on. We always use high-quality wood and materials in the construction of each product we offer. The build and design of our furniture is completed by highly skilled Amish crafters who have passed down expert techniques through the generations. The craftmanship of our Shaker-style chairs provides durability, dependability and comfort.

Simplistic design defines Shaker style — however, simplicity does not equate to boring or plain. The classic beauty of these pieces adds character to any room or home.  

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There’s something special about handcrafted furniture, and Amish-made furniture adds an extra layer of charm to these handmade products. To ensure your Shaker chair matches the existing décor of your home, we provide a diverse selection of gorgeous fabric options with unique styles and innovative designs.

In addition to high-quality construction and exceptional functionality, our Shaker-style chairs are affordable. At, we offer competitive pricing options, because we believe anyone who appreciates handmade craftmanship should be able to enjoy Amish-made furniture.

Browse our full selection of Shaker-style products online today and receive up to 33% off our Shaker-style chairs. Contact us online with any questions. We look forward to working with you to create your one-of-a-kind Shaker chair!