Traditional Amish hardwood furniture has long been prized for its beautiful designs and solid, durable construction, and our rustic Amish furniture accessories are no exception. Amish artisans apply the same time-honored techniques and northern, kiln-dried hardwood that they’ve been using for well over a century to create their treasures.

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The result is furniture that’s much more than furniture: instead of the cheap, throw-away furniture you can find from mass producers, you’re buying a beloved piece that can be passed down through your family for generations.

One of the best features of rustic Amish furniture accessories is that they can match any décor. When you customize your furniture with different woods and finishes, you have the flexibility to match and contrast with any existing furniture you might have, or replace everything with our matching sets. The clean lines and natural wood grain turns every piece of Rustic Amish furniture into a focal point in your room.

Enhance and complete the rustic décor in a room or throughout your home by adding one or more of our stylish Rustic Accessories. Whether the Rustic Pine Cabinet, Oval Antler Mirror, Noble Collection Library Table or any other of the more than two dozen striking and eclectic pieces grabs your attention, you’re assured of getting a one-of-a-kind home furnishing that will be a conversation-starter among your guests. You’ll also appreciate the expert craftsmanship that only Amish furniture makers can deliver.

Time-Honored Techniques

On top of the quality wood used in the construction of all rustic Amish solid wood accessories, you’ll see that the hardware, joining and finishes applied to our pieces are all vastly superior to what you’ll find on mass-produced furniture. That’s because they’re building to the lowest cost possible. We would rather add value by making robust, long-lasting furniture that will still be in use decades from now.

All of our furniture, built by the careful, experienced hands of local Amish artisans, is delivered fully assembled. Mass-produced furniture is often meant to be shipped flat and assembled later, which means it simply can’t have the same inherent strength and assembly quality as our Mission bedroom sets.

There’s satisfaction in knowing that hardworking Americans built your furniture. There’s no way of knowing exactly where foreign-produced furniture was made, or under what conditions. Many countries don’t respect the rigorous safety and environmental laws that are applied to American made products, or provide a decent wage for the work being done. You can’t even be sure that the chemicals, veneers and glues being used aren’t toxic for you and your family. Real American hardwood is all our Amish craftsmen will ever use when producing your rustic Amish furniture accessories, so you don’t have to worry about any long-term effects in your home.

Customize Your Rustic Accessory to Your Liking

Many of our Rustic Accessories come with multiple customization options that allow you to create a classic furniture piece that suits your unique tastes. Depending on the item, you can select from ever-popular northern kiln-dried hardwoods such as oak, hickory and cherry and a wide variety of attractive hardwood stains. Other products are available in cedar, pine or rustic pine. Just let your imagination run wild as you consider the many exciting possibilities!

When you compare the natural woodgrain and rich finishes of our real northern hardwood to the lousy veneers and cheap finishes of mass-produced furniture, there’s simply no comparison. Real wood also withstands regular wear and tear better than low-cost furniture. That’s how you can be sure your children will be able to enjoy your Amish rustic accessory furniture some day in their own home, and later pass it along to their own children.

When you purchase furniture from us, you’re investing in something that’s built to last.

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Take a few minutes to explore our complete collection of gorgeous Rustic Accessories right now! You and your family will have fun browsing through the different rustic accessories and choosing the custom woods and stains. Why not let your children help design their own bedroom furniture? They’ll appreciate it that much more when they see what they imagined come to life in their own bedroom.