Many families spend a lot of their time in the home in their living room. It’s a place where you can gather to watch television, play games, converse, relax and unwind. Having the most comfortable and practical furniture in your space will help you do that. Imagine tables, chairs, sofas and TV stands custom-made for you, reflecting your preferences for wood, size, stain and more. You will find them all at

Our furniture is handcrafted by Amish artisans who spent their early lives watching their grandparents and parents make furniture. They learned at a young age how to use those same time-honored techniques to create sturdy, durable furniture that also looks nice, and they continue to make furniture in that traditional way today. The pieces sold by reflect an outstanding quality of craftsmanship and materials that you want in your furniture.

What do you need to finish your living room? Perhaps you want small pieces such as end tables or coffee tables. Maybe you want a grandfather clock to add character to the room. Or you might be eyeing a new rocker or couch to give the room a new focal point. Whatever you want, you can find it in our selection.

Once you have decided what to buy, you can customize it to suit your room. We offer Hickory furniture as well as other types of wood, such as Cherry or Oak. You can also pick a stain to apply to your pieces, which will grow darker as the years go on and the wood is exposed to the environment.

Browse our Hickory living room furniture, which we offer at up to 33 percent off every day. You can also look for monthly specials on our homepage. Find your new furniture today!