Solid Wood Construction Makes All the Difference

In addition to tried-and-true manufacturing techniques that have stood the test of time, our Amish furniture made in America consists of durable solid wood. Whether you choose pieces made from oak, cherry, walnut, maple, or hickory, you get a northern kiln-dried hardwood piece that never includes particle board, veneer or other inexpensive materials. The combination of durable construction and timeless beauty has made Amish furniture a popular choice all around the world for generations.

Doing Your Part to Support the American Economy

By purchasing Amish furniture made in America, you’re helping to support the U.S. economy. In a time when so many jobs are being lost to overseas labor or replaced by computers and automated manufacturing processes, it’s good to know that old-world craftsmanship still exists today.

Choosing Amish furniture made in America over foreign-made products not only makes sense from a quality standpoint, it’s also a great way to support small American-owned family businesses that continue to face the threat of foreign competition. You’ll be making a solid furniture investment, as well as in the nation’s economic future!

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

We’re all concerned about protecting the environment. Amish furniture made in America utilizes the frugal Amish manufacturing process that is known for being eco-friendly and efficient. Because the Amish do not rely on the power grid, energy consumption during furniture making is minimal, and no harmful chemicals or pollutants are emitted into the atmosphere. Very little waste occurs during furniture building; the Amish even have constructive uses for the leftover sawdust! You’ll enjoy the peace of mind you get from knowing that by purchasing Amish furniture made in America, you’re helping to preserve the planet for future generations.

Helping to Sustain a Tradition of Excellence

A big reason why America has been able to thrive and prosper for well over 200 years is our unwavering commitment to excellence. By purchasing Amish furniture made in America, you’re helping to ensure this timeless tradition of manufacturing superior products continues. One thing is for certain – the Amish will never deviate from the manufacturing processes that have allowed them to produce the world’s best furniture for hundreds of years.

Experience the Difference Amish Furniture Made in American Can Make in Your Home

Whether you’re looking for the best American-made furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom or anywhere else in your home, you’ll find it at It’s the right choice for you, not to mention the country!