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2022 Outdoor Patio Trends

2022 Outdoor Patio Trends

Your patio is your space to relax after a long day, enjoy sunny weekends or entertain friends and family. A patio can be a conversation space, workspace, place to enjoy meals or space to enjoy your hobbies. Whether you plan to relax on your patio or have fun, make sure it reflects your style. 

Top 2022 outdoor patio trends can give you some inspiration for your outdoor haven.

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Trends in Outdoor Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio trends in 2022 focus on creating a functional space to work, relax or spend time with others. The latest patio trends include fun patterns to express yourself, relaxing colors to reduce stress, functional outdoor furniture and more. Outdoor living spaces can be just as comfortable as the inside of a home. 

Use the following 2022 patio trends for inspiration to create the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of.

Bohemian Patterns

Bohemian decor is a fun and relaxed style consisting of layered colors, patterns and textures. Mix and match colors or layer unique patterns to create an eclectic look. 

Decorate sturdy outdoor benches with colorful blankets and uniquely patterned pillows. Include a colorful outdoor swing for a fun place to relax. Incorporate some colorful flowers into your Bohemian-style patio with a Cypress Potting Table. Use this table to decorate and start a new hobby by assembling colorful flower bouquets.

Plenty of Plants

Plants can make you happier. Studies have shown that exposure to plants benefits mental health. Fill your time with gardening and your patio with beautiful plants. Plant some perennials that will return every year or place some planters around your patio and plant new flowers each year. 

Decorate an end table with a fairy garden or some bright marigolds. Use a garden table or a Cypress Potting Table to work on your gardening projects or display beautiful planters. Cypress wood resists moisture to prevent decay, and you can paint or stain the unfinished surface however you like.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Create a cozy space on your patio to spend time with friends and family. Place a patio couch and chairs around a sturdy outdoor coffee table and decorate with some comfortable blankets and pillows.

Add a matching end table or two for books, magazines, food or some refreshing glasses of lemonade on a summer day. Place some comfortable outdoor rockers on your patio and pair each with a relaxing glider footrest to give family and guests a place to rock and relax.

Outdoor Kitchens

Bring the convenience of your kitchen outdoors and enjoy a fun cookout with friends or family. If your patio has a covering, you can add appliances like a charcoal grill, a minifridge or an outdoor pizza oven. You can even have an outdoor sink installed to enjoy food prepping in the sunshine. 

Enjoy meals with family around a Legacy Conversation Table or share some tasty campfire snacks on a stylish round side table. Give guests somewhere comfortable to sit while they eat with a Cafe Dining Bench.

Work from Home Outdoor Stress Relief

Serene Work Spaces

Working from home doesn’t have to take place inside a stuffy home office. Take your work, studies or side business tasks outside and allow nature to relieve your stress. Enjoy working in the peace and quiet of your outdoor oasis. 

Place your laptop on a sturdy side table and use a three-shelf side table to hold your work essentials such as file folders, pens and other supplies.

Popular Outdoor Furniture Colors for 2022

Popular outdoor furniture colors in 2022 include natural colors, bright and colorful tones, warm tones, cool colors, dark shades and pastels. Bright and colorful shades can evoke happy feelings, and warm tones can spark energy and optimism. . Cool, relaxing colors can help you relax after a stressful day, while pastel colors can create a fun, welcoming spring aesthetic. Natural and Neutral colors can help you appreciate your patio’s surroundings as you enjoy time in nature.

From our 2022 survey, Natural and Neutral colors came out on top in terms of customer preferences:

Patio Color Preferences - 2022 Survey Results

Natural & Neutral Colors

Natural colors can contribute to a calming atmosphere on your patio. A simple minimalistic layout combined with natural colors can create the perfect place to relax and reduce stress. Gray or whitewashed stains and lighter wood finishes can beautifully highlight the natural surroundings and colors in your yard. 

Pair a simple unfinished garden bench with soft gray pillows and a conversation table to create a subtle, relaxing space that complements its natural surroundings.

Bright and Colorful Shades

Bright colors can evoke feelings of happiness and energy. Bright yellow can stimulate the nerves, and orange can increase energy. Brighten your patio with bright colors to enjoy an energized space. Add some bright yellow Adirondack chairs or decorate an outdoor couch with orange pillows.

Warm-Tone Colors

Warm tones of yellow, red, orange or a combination of these colors tend to make people think of things such as warmth and sunshine. Paint an outdoor side table a soft shade of yellow to create a welcoming atmosphere. Make your patio feel cozier with some soft red or orange rugs under a conversation table. Warm-toned colors can create the cozy, comfortable outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of.

Cool-Tone Colors

Create a patio space with colors that reflect nature’s peacefulness. Earthy green shades, cool blue shades and relaxing neutral colors create a tranquil atmosphere where you can let the stress melt away. Gather around a round conversation table in Aruba blue for a relaxing aesthetic.

Dark Colors

Darker colors can create a bolder, more serious atmosphere, so they are great if you plan to work outdoors. Paint some side tables a navy blue, or dark gray or add some dark gray pillows to an outdoor bench. Add some burgundy accents for a comforting feeling in your outdoor space, or add purple for a splash of romantic ambiance.

Pastel Colors

If you want your patio to have an inviting look, consider fun pastel colors. Pastel colors have a gentle and friendly aesthetic and are subtle enough to add soft color to your patio without being too eye-catching or flashy. Enjoy some warm spring days with fun, welcoming pastel shades of green, pink, blue or yellow. 

Paint an unfinished garden bench a soft pastel color or decorate it with some comfortable pastel pillows.

On-Trend Garden Furniture

Outdoor furniture sets are great for entertaining guests, enjoying meals or simply spending time with family. However, if you’re seeking optimal relaxation, some unique and on-trend garden furniture can help you relax in style.

We surveyed adults aged 25+ to determine the most important factors when choosing outdoor patio furniture. Here are some features to keep in mind when shopping for your perfect patio pieces:

Outdoor Furniture Deciding Factor - Survey Results 2022

Adirondack Chairs

Classic Adirondack chairs are perfect for spring or summer days. They sit low to the ground with a slight recline, so you can relax beside your garden and enjoy the sunshine. Whether you live near the woods, beach or lake, a beautiful Adirondack chair is sure to complement your outdoor surroundings. 

Sit back in a stylish Designer Adirondack Chair or opt for a Legacy Folding Adirondack Chair for easy storage. You can also implement your favorite cool, pastel or natural colors because they look beautiful in all colors.

Comfortable Loungers

If napping, sunbathing or enjoying a great book is your favorite outdoor activity, consider adding a comfortable lounger or two to your patio. Relax in a Lido Lounge Chair and enjoy a refreshing drink or adjust the backrest to take a blissful nap. With modern design and optimal comfort, lounge chairs are perfect for relaxing in style.

Furnish Patio with Quality Handcrafted Furniture

Furnish Your Patio With Quality Handcrafted Furniture

Create a fun, relaxing or functional space with 2022’s top patio trends. Include cool or natural colors, fun patterns and durable outdoor furniture to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. 

Amish Outlet Store has a wide selection of quality, handcrafted furniture to furnish your patio with comfort and style. Browse our outdoor furniture selection to find furniture for your dream patio.


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