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53 1/2″W x 25″D x 34″H
Seat Height: 17 1/2″
Arm Height: 25″

– Poly Furniture
– Shown in Cedar
– Click on “View Furniture Colors” for Color Options
– Assembly Required

Legacy Garden Bench

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Legacy Garden Bench

A garden isn’t complete until it has the perfect bench. It’s a place to sit and enjoy the fruits of your many hours of planting, weeding and watering. Benches allow you to take a load off in one of your very favorite places. Admire the beautiful flowers displaying their many lovely hues or marvel at how big your tomatoes have gotten. A garden bench offers a respite in the middle of nature.

Get a comfortable and attractive one with our Legacy Garden Bench. Part of our Poly lumber collection, this bench is made from recycled plastic that won’t rust or rot and it has corrosion-resistant stainless-steel fasteners, too.

You can order our bench in a variety of colors, whether you want to match your shutters, door or even your car. Choose from purple, pink, olive, blue and more. You could even get two benches in different colors if you can’t decide on just one.

Like all our furniture, Legacy Garden Benches are Amish-made. That means Amish artisans construct each piece by hand, giving it their thorough attention until it achieves the look and durability they desire. They use only the finest materials, aiming to build furniture that will withstand whatever elements they may get exposed to in your yard.

The result? Benches, chaise lounges, rocking chairs and more that will stand the test of time.

When you buy from, you get up to 33 percent off our already low prices as well as monthly specials we post on our homepage. Fill out your yard with a Legacy Garden Bench today.