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What is the Best Wood Furniture for My Home?

Each home should look unique to the owner, but it can be hard to know where to start if you are designing your home by yourself. You want to create something that fits your personality but has some form of uniformity. This might come through your color palette or the style of furniture, but one of the easiest ways to have furniture that fits your home is to buy furniture made with the same wood and stain. You might be asking:

“What is the difference between all these wood species?”

“Which stain color will fit my design theme?”

“Where can I find the best wood furniture for my home?”

We want to answer these questions and more with a simple guide to understanding wood types, stains, and style characteristics.

Wood Species Guide

For furniture, we recommend sticking to hardwood instead of softer wood types. Not all solid wood is going to be the same in grain, color, and hardness. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular hardwood options on the market. We’ve listed them from softest to hardest:

Elm – Swirling grain pattern, lighter reddish-brown and tan color
Brown Maple – Smooth and simple grain, medium tone with brown streaks.
Cherry – Wide and deep grain, darker reddish tone and noticeable texture
Walnut – straight and irregular grain, rich natural color










Oak – Large arch grain, light golden tone
Quarter Sawn White Oak – Tight tiger stripe grain, Medium tone
Hard Maple -Sleek and simple grain, light and consistent color
Hickory – Deep varying grain, darker tone with visible knots










Why Hardwood?

Hardwood furniture cannot be outdone in its natural beauty and durability. Manufacturing with these kinds of woods ensures clean production without the risk of frequent splits or cracks. This sturdiness will translate into the finished product in your home. Implementing the proper care, you can quite literally pass down hardwood furniture for multiple generations and it will stay in great condition.

Hardwood is heavy, and increases in weight the higher the hardness level. This weight may create more work for the initial setup of your home, but you are now guaranteed a long-lasting product. The weight of the wood furniture for your home is especially important when you have small children who like to climb on things. The last thing you want is for your furniture to topple onto them.

If you’re interested in Reclaimed Barnwood, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that this aged alternative is stronger than new wood. Since the original use for this wood needed to endure harsh conditions, it can continue to stand the test of time in your home.

Stain and Color Palette Guide

Not every piece in your home has to be made of the same wood or be painted or stained in the same color. However, having repeating elements in a room does create easy eye movement and beauty. Here are some color themes that you can use based on the current room colors:

Warm-Toned Neutrals:

Cherry wood in Asbury

If your room mainly consists of warm-toned neutrals,  you have a lot of creative freedom. While you can choose from almost any of the warm-toned stains and fabrics you can also mess around with mixing in cool-toned whites, blues, and greens. Some stains you can consider are Natural, Seely, Earthtone, Asbury, or Rich Tobacco. Your furniture will look great made of Brown Maple or Cherry, but you will likely find almost any wood type will work wonderfully with your desired stain.

Gray/Blue Themed Rooms:

Brown Maple in Antique Slate

If you’ve got a room that mainly consists of a shade of grey or blue, this is another versatile base palette to build off of. As you compare your cool-toned color options, see if rich browns, brassy accents, black, white, or green incorporate nicely into your space. Our favorite cool-toned stains include Antique Slate, Shadow, Driftwood, Bel Air, and Flint. (If you’ve got a room with vibrant blues or warmer greys, don’t be afraid to explore some of the warmer stains.) We recommend looking at stain samples in Walnut or Brown Maple.

Orange/Yellow Themed Rooms

Red Oak in Seely

These colors should be the center of attention in a room. We recommend that your furniture doesn’t try to compete in vibrancy with these colors. Lean towards lighter, natural-looking stains like Natural, Seely, Almond, and Limed Oak. If you’d like to lean on the darker side of the stain, you might want to consider something with a muted reddish tint. Consider looking at samples in Cherry, Maple, Elm, or Oak.

Purple/Red Themed Rooms

Hickory wood in Onyx

These are deep colors, and while they are beautiful, they can limit your options. Opt for less saturated and darker stains. You might want to look at Ebony, Charwood, Manchester, and Onyx in various kinds of wood. While there are plenty of wood species that can pair well with the stain of your choice, for rooms of this color, you may not find as many compatible lighter options. Explore lighter stains with a grey tint like Mineral.

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