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Rustic Decor: Get the Look with Rustic Oak Furniture

rustic decor rustic oak furniture

Do you ever find yourself longing for rustic style decor without being able to put your finger on exactly what you’re looking for? If you are thinking of items that are comfortable, laid back, and casual, you are on the right track. For example, the Merriam-Webster dictionary has four different definitions of the word Rustic:

  1. Of, relating to, or suitable for the country.
  2. Made of rough limbs of trees.
  3. Characteristic of or resembling country people.
  4. Appropriate to the country (as in plainness or sturdiness).

Those definitions are especially apt if you apply them to, let’s say a rustic oak dining set. But rustic home decor doesn’t only apply to country living. There are rustic aspects in all types of interior design, including coastal, cottage, Tuscan, farmhouse, and the traditional rustic lodge look. What you really want to focus on are natural materials in a neutral color palette. While you do have tons of options when it comes to rustic decor ideas, what better place to start than high-quality solid wood rustic furniture?

What Is Rustic Solid Wood Furniture?

rustic oak cabin

Rustic furniture features characteristics of distress, or wear. For furniture to truly be considered rustic, it needs to be handmade out of some type of wood, usually rustic oak. While many lean toward rustic oak furniture, you can use any type of wood for rustic furniture, including solid oak, maple, cherry, pine, or mahogany. The design of the furniture tends to be simplistic in nature, letting the naturalness of the wood shine through. It adds to a casual, down-home feeling of simple living. Rooms decorated in a rustic design tend to be warm and inviting, featuring a natural palette of browns, greens, and grays. You can find furniture of any type in a rustic look, including tables, chairs, living room furniture, and more.

Is Oak The Best Wood for Rustic Furniture?

Not necessarily! You can use many different types of wood to achieve your rustic style. What is most important is that the wood is naturally hewn with the natural imperfections still prevalent in the lumber. While you can find rustic wood in many different types, the most popular is probably rustic oak.

Rustic Oak

Rustic oak is extremely common in crafting rustic furniture because of its prominent grain and coarse texture. It has beautiful rings and pores that add a lot of character to the furniture. A well-made piece of rustic oak furniture often gives the impression that it was part of a forest only yesterday. Solid oak also is very strong, making it a great option for tabletops and chairs.

Take a look at our Logan Leg Table, the perfect example of a rustic solid wood dining table. It’s made from rough-sawn oak and comes complete with the saw marks still visible in the oak. The top has an eased edge, giving the table a modern yet country feel. Oak is naturally light in color, so it takes to stain extremely well. We offer this table in more than two dozen different colors of finish. Match it with four dining chairs and it’s a great piece of oak rustic furniture to add to your collection.

Another example of rustic oak furniture is our Lewiston Chest of Drawers. This chest of drawers pairs a gorgeous rustic oak body with a top made from Reclaimed Barnwood. Furniture that includes Reclaimed Barnwood has a rich history and that gives this chest a unique twist over your typical piece of rustic oak furniture. You can’t match the craftsmanship either, with dovetail joints and full-extension drawer slides. If you’re looking for some rustic oak furniture to add to your bedroom, you won’t go wrong with this piece.

Looking for something to put your TV on? Check out this Timber Rustic TV Stand in wormy maple. You have all the charm of rough sawn wormy maple, complete with saw marks. There’s plenty of shelving inside to store cables, gaming consoles, DVD’s or any other of your entertainment items.

There’s no doubt that rustic oak is highly sought after, but you do have other options. Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular alternatives.

Rustic Maple

rustic wood furnitureMaple is another type of wood that is popular when considering rustic furniture. Unlike oak, maple sports a smooth grain, and the pores are very close together. Our Amish craftsmen love working with Wormy Maple in particular. Wormy maple is also sometimes known as Ambrosia Maple because it’s the favored home of the Ambrosia beetle. The larvae of the Ambrosia Beetle chew boreholes into the maple, giving it a unique rustic look. In fact, because the texture is created by a natural creature, no two pieces of wood are exactly alike.

Amish Outlet Stores offer many different types of furniture in Wormy Maple. Our Bogart Rustic Solid Top Table in wormy maple is a modern take on rustic design. The table is matched with black powder-coated metal legs and left with a live edge leaving it with a natural look and feel. Whenever you have a live edge, it’s important to remember that the size, shape, and grain will vary from piece to piece. Another piece of furniture to consider is our Keatsway Rustic Wall Unit. It’s made from rough sawn wormy maple and features sweeping glass doors with wooden grills. It’s a gorgeous accessory that will add just a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen or dining room.

Rustic Cherry

Rustic Cherry furniture has its own special type of beauty. It has all the characteristics of regular Cherry but with more natural imperfections. The knots and grain variations found in rustic cherry turn any piece of furniture into a truly gorgeous addition to any collection. Sometimes you even get mineral deposits that make their way into the tree via the soil. These deposits add an additional layer of depth and texture to rustic cherry.

Our Barn Floor Rustic Coffee Table is a wonderful example of furniture made from rustic cherry. The details you can pick up in the wood grain are stunning. The top is made from wooden planks, giving the appearance of a barn floor. It also has hand-worn edges and saw marks that add an extra rustic feel. Cherry is also good for the bedroom furniture, like in our Regent Rustic Bedroom Set. You get a Queen size bed, chest of drawers, dresser with a mirror, and a nightstand in a classic style that offers you storage for anything you might need. Showcase all the natural elements of cherry including knots, grain, and mineral deposits while crafting the perfect rustic look for your bedroom.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Rustic

As you start to shop around, you may have your heart set on rustic oak furniture. But remember that you have other options above and beyond oak. We offer many different types of wood and in almost any color finish that will set apart any room in your home. Using rustic design elements in your home gives it a homey, welcoming feel. In fact, it might make your home so comfortable, you may never want to leave!


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