A Piece of the Past

Barns have dotted the American landscape for centuries. Many of the iconic American made structures are preserved for future generations as a testament to the ingenuity and hard-work of those who have farmed this nation. And while not all barns can remain standing, Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture opens the door for those historic hand-cut boards to serve another important purpose – creating strong and enduring furniture with character.

The Beauty of Reclaimed Barnwood

Every Reclaimed Barnwood piece is unique. Wood species along with the combination of colors and shades will vary even in the same piece. Saw marks and other indentations including pit holes, nail holes, and other small markings created during the original usage of the boards will also be seen. Be assured that all of the boards have undergone a cleaning and drying process, and that any old nails have been removed. The distinct coloring and shading, along with the markings from the past, are part of the beauty and character of Reclaimed Barnwood.

A Timeless Collection

All of the pieces in our Reclaimed Barnwood Collection are hand-made by the Amish, who use the same exacting standards to create these unique lines as they do their other hardwood furniture. Not only does this reused natural resource create one-of-a-kind furniture, but purchasing a piece of Reclaimed Barnwood is an excellent way to stay green! Contact us for a quote on a new bedroom collection or unique living room furniture, and we’ll let you know the savings available for these timeless pieces.