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The Benefits of Solid Wood Dining Tables

The benefits of solid wood dining tables

The difference between beautifully crafted solid wood dining tables and dining tables that are mass-produced out of some flimsy material in a factory overseas is immeasurable. One will get you by for a little while, but the other is an investment in your future. You have so many more options when it comes to a solid wood dining table. Different types of wood have different grain patterns and take stain in interesting ways. Because the furniture is built by hand, you can tailor it exactly to what you need. In other words, your solid wood dining table will be unique to you and will be a quality piece of furniture for you and your family to create years and years of memories around.

How Do You Buy a Solid Wood Dining Table?

Solid wood dining tableBuying solid wood dining room sets online can be intimidating. This is a dining set that will stay in your family for generations, the fear of messing it up can be overwhelming! There are so many questions. What type of wood should you get? Can it be stained to any color? Do you want an extendable dining room table or one with a drop-leaf? Should you go with table legs or a pedestal? What seating capacity do you need? Let’s take a peek at some individual characteristics that might help you narrow down your choices.

Types of Wood for Your Dining Table

Amish master craftsmen take the selection of their wood very seriously. Each piece is evaluated for the look of the grain, durability, and how it will contribute to the overall design of the dining table. Different types of solid wood have different characteristics that will appeal to different people, and woodworkers understand how to get the most from any type of wood.

Oak Hardwood

Oak is a very popular type of solid wood used in solid wood dining tables. It is a very hard wood with a prominent natural grain that you can actually feel. This solid wood dining table is highly resistant to scratches and dings. Our woodworkers use two different types of oak when building a dining table. Red Oak is extremely popular and features long, reddish streaks in the grain. It’s so popular that mass-produced dining tables are often printed to imitate the look of the grain. Quarter-sawn white oak is a harder wood than red, with a wavy, swirl grain. Either type of wood works well for a solid wood dining table.

Maple Hardwood

Brown Maple is a softer solid wood that has a mixture of browns, grays, and tans running throughout the grain. It’s still considered a hardwood, but it’s more susceptible to nicks and scratches than other hardwood tables. Solid maple has a very tight grain that makes the wood smooth to the touch. Painting or staining it results in a beautiful finish.

Cherry Hardwood

Cherry is a highly desirable solid wood for dining sets, adding beauty and warmth to your dining room set. It’s a fruitwood that sports delicate curves and dark outlines with soft, smooth grain. The wood also has mineral deposits that create interesting pits and texture. Rustic Cherry is a type of cherry that shares a similar appearance but has more mineral deposits, giving it a distressed, and well, rustic look.

Whatever wood you decide upon, you can choose from any of our dozens of stains to create a solid wood dining table in the color of your choice. It’s the perfect addition to your home.

Solid Wood Dining Table Design Options

Table settingWhen you purchase a solid wood dining room set that is handbuilt, you can mix and match many different design elements to create the perfect table. Sometimes when people think of a solid wood dining table, they automatically picture a mid-century antique dining table with a seating capacity of 24 that their grandmother used to own. But the Amish Outlet Store has solid wood dining tables in all sorts of modern styles. We have counter height dining tables, farmhouse style dining tables, and more. We have tables with a pedestal base, tapered legs, or a trestle base. You can choose a table-top that is rectangular, go with a round dining table, or choose something for a breakfast nook. Get a set that includes chairs, or choose your dining chairs separately. Whatever style you decide, our woodworkers make it super easy to fit your specifications. Sometimes the best way to compare design elements is to see some examples.

Shop Dining Tables

Solid Wood Leg Tables

As classic tables, these tend to exhibit a more modern, diminutive style. Some people prefer them because you don’t have a pedestal or trestle in the way of people’s legs when they are sitting at the dining table. They are a good example of an extendable dining table because add leaves to the middle in support of increased seating capacity. Our Abbies Special Leg Table is a perfect example. The table is simple in design and even has storage for the leaves right inside the table. The Brady Leg Table is a good choice if you are looking for a round dining table made from solid wood. It works great as a kitchen dining table as well.

Single Pedestal Dining Room Tables

Our Single Pedestal Dining Room Tables work really well for areas where space is a commodity. Our Brooklyn Single Table is gorgeous and quite modern in design. You can also get pedestal tables that have a square top, rectangular top, or even a round top! Pedestal tables look strong and sleek and can lean toward both modern and antique in nature. They also work great as pub tables, giving you either counter height or pub heigh options that work wonderfully as either a solid wood kitchen or dining room set.

Solid Wood Trestle Tables

These are the workhorse of the bunch. They accommodate families that are in need of a large seating capacity. Because there are no legs in the way, a solid wood trestle dining set has an open design that leaves corners free for additional diners. Our Bonstonian Trestle Table has a solid, heavy look that would become the focal point of any dining room. If your tastes run toward a simpler style, check out something like the Country Shaker Dining Table. It has just as much seating capacity but with a lighter feel.

Take a Seat at the Table!

There is just something about a great solid wood dining or kitchen table that exudes comfort. After all, wood has memory. It’s lived in a forest, probably for hundreds of years. It’s experienced sun, rain, and wind. When shopping for a solid wood dining table, take a moment to think about its history. Let the moment take over your senses. Marvel in the fact that you brought a small piece of mother nature into your home. When you invest in a solid wood kitchen or dining set, you’ll have something you can pass on to your children, and they to their children. Your family will add to its history. And the Amish Outlet Store makes it easy to create the perfect solid wood dining table for your kitchen or dining room. We are always here to help!


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