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Three Benefits of Solid Wood Office Furniture

Whether you work from a home office or in a corporate office, you undoubtedly spend a lot of time at your desk. When you spend eight or more hours a day at your workstation, you need it to be a reliable and functional space. Just as importantly, you want your home office to be an attractive and comfortable place to spend your workday. Choosing the right home office furniture can have a huge impact on the way you work. The perfect hardwood home office desk makes the most of your office space and improves workflow. A desk that meets your specific needs and holds up to constant use is the centerpiece of a well-appointed home office.

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An Amish Built Solid Wood Computer Desk Will Last Forever

While your computer may need updated every few years, the desk it goes on should last much longer. A good, home office desk is like a reliable friend; it never lets you down and you can always depend on it. Inexpensive, flat-pack furniture from a big box store may seem like a good deal today, but over time the low-quality materials and construction don’t hold up. Chipped laminate, loose screws and sagging shelves plague users who thought that their particleboard desk would be “good enough”. Even occasional use wears on discount furniture, resulting in wasted time and money when these purchases have to be replaced after just a few years. Just think of that cheap old desk you had in college; the keyboard tray was probably sagging, there was a chunk of laminate missing somewhere, and one of the drawers was stuck. What kind of first impression is something like that to your next big client?

Mission Bookcase Writing DeskAn Amish built solid wood computer desk is made to last. Real wood will never sag, and you never have to worry about surfaces chipping or peeling to reveal the wood substitute underneath. If something does happen, it’s so much easier to touch up the paint than it is to try to repair laminate! Is that even possible? And if you’ve ever found a screw on the floor and struggled to figure out what part of your furniture it fell out of, you can appreciate that Amish woodworkers use structural joining techniques to make furniture that holds together better and longer than pieces put together with screws and nails. Think of quality craftsmanship like dovetail joints, biscuit joints, and mortise and tenon. You’ll never find a plastic screw trying to hold together two pieces of laminated particle board! And don’t get us started talking about the our desks’ beautiful wood grain.

Does this sound familiar from your most recent furniture run?

  • Missing screws
  • Wobbly legs
  • Misaligned pieces

Problems like this for anyone in business are a constant and expensive distraction, and replacing broken home office furniture can result in days of lost productivity. No, these are issues that must be avoided altogether. When you buy high quality, solid wood furniture your home office will be functional and convenient for years to come. Would you rather have junk from overseas or a handcrafted masterpiece, a literal work of art, straight from Amish Country?

Our expertly crafted desks are designed to be heirloom pieces. They will retain their function and beauty for decades, long enough to be passed down to future generations. Amish furniture is built to last so your hardwood desk can be enjoyed by your children and even your grandchildren. With basic maintenance, your desk can be passed on along through the family business.

A Small Home Office Desk Can Make a Room Look Bigger

It’s not uncommon to see a business owner set up their home office in a small space or use a multi-functional space like a guest bedroom.Alaina Traditional Flat-Top Desk Even in a dedicated office, space can be at a premium. That’s why the inventor of the cubicle has made so many millions of dollars!

When space is short, you need a desk that makes the most of the room that you have. The best office desk is one that provides:

  1. A functional work surface
  2. Ample storage space
  3. Does not dominate the entire room

It’s a common misconception that hardwood furniture is bulky. But skilled Amish craftsmen make pieces that are sleek, stylish and space-efficient. Did we mention that they last forever too?

Choosing the best computer desk for your space can give the illusion that your small home office space is larger than it really is. For maximizing space, we recommend some tricks:

  • Declutter the room. Minimalism is in. Do you really need that extra table, and such big chairs?
  • Freemont Mission Open End DeskBuy a computer desk with slatted sides or shelves instead of drawers to give the appearance of more space.
  • Look for a computer desk with free-standing legs. A more open design will make any piece of furniture appear to take up less space than a more solid, boxy design.
  • Go with a lighter wood color like golden oak or natural cherry to reduce the effect of the desk on the rest of the room.
  • A separate, well-placed printer stand or filing cabinet provides the storage space your home office needs with the flexibility of smaller furniture to fit best within the space available.
  • Of course, nothing makes a small space look larger than keeping your work surface clean and organized.

Adona Adjustable Standing Desk with TopperChoosing the right desk can make the difference between a functional, comfortable work area and one that feels cluttered and cramped. Something like a writing desk or secretary desk works well in tight spaces. Of course, a small space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Whether you prefer classically simple designs, the sleek angles of midcentury modern, or the flexibility of an adjustable standing desk, solid wood offers the beauty and durability your workspace needs.

A Corner Desk Will Improve Your Workflow and Productivity Without Taking up Essential Space

Like we just mentioned, maybe space isn’t the issue, but instead it’s the layout. A home office can quickly end up a cluttered mess of cupboards, Mission Corner Deskshelves, and cabinets as you struggle to find creative office organization ideas. An office space can only be as functional as the items that are taking up the space.

It’s time to be more creative. A corner desk with storage provides a brilliant solution to a big problem. Combining storage, workspace, and incredible functionality into one piece of furniture makes your office begin to work for you.

Books, files, and extra office supplies can be kept organized and well within reach. Dump the ugly old filing cabinet, get rid of the printer stand, it’s an all in one office desk now. You are free to pivot between projects without getting confused or bumping into that ugly old table.

Angelo L-Desk with Hutch TopWhile essential, printers and desktop computers can be bulky and the tangles of wires that come with them can make even the most well-organized office look chaotic. A corner desk reclaims your workflow by keeping all of your office necessities in one area. Power cords and cables can conveniently run behind the desk where they’ll be entirely out of sight.

Amish Outlet Store’s high-quality desks are also designed with your modern needs in mind, featuring convenient cupboards and hutches specifically made to keep unsightly electronics out of sight but still well within reach.

Try an Oak Desk with a Hutch for a Timeless Office with Plenty of Storage Opportunities

If you have a desk that will last forever, you want to make sure it will never go out of style. Fads come and go, but our handcrafted designs will stand the test of time and remain beautiful and functional in any era.

A solid oak desk with a hutch is perhaps the most timeless, classic piece of office furniture you can choose. Adding a hutch to your desk not Ashley Desk with Hutchonly provides storage space and organization, but it immediately adds a sense of elegance to the room. Long before computers and file folders, some of the earliest writing desks were fashioned from cabinets to provide storage space for quills, ink, and parchment. These desks have never gone out of style, but instead have evolved into a more modern desk with a classic flare. While your hutch may not store quills and parchment, it remains practical and attractive

And, of course, solid oak never loses its appeal. A natural hardwood like oak has been a mainstay in furniture design for centuries. Its natural beauty, durability, and resistance to warping have made it often imitated, but never duplicated. For the modern office, our variety of custom stains and finishes allow your new oak furniture to coordinate with any style for a look that is unmatched by anything that comes out of a box.

From style to function, a high-quality oak desk with a hutch provides a versatility that allows it to span decades. A hutch with open shelving or glass cabinet doors lets you display your favorite art, photographs, or collectibles. Changing the display is a simple way to update the look of your office while the furniture remains the same. As office equipment changes through the years, enclosed cupboards and ample drawers keep modern technology out of sight to retain the classic look.

Adding high-quality hutch to an oak computer desk with storage creates a timeless office space with practicality and aesthetic appeal that spans generations. Choosing this style immediately gives your home office a sense of permanence and longevity that few other products can provide.

Whether you’re working from a home office or a corner office, the right desk is one of the most important purchases you’ll make for your business. Choosing hardwood office furniture provides more than visual appeal. Quality construction, superior materials, and thoughtful design ensure that you’ll be free to focus on your business instead of repairs needed to your outdated furniture.

At Amishoutletstore.com you can find the new desk that perfectly suits the needs of your home office. Experienced Amish craftsmen make furniture from the highest quality materials using time-honored techniques, so you know your custom-built desk will be built to last. Our large selection of handcrafted Amish office furniture features timeless designs created with the needs of modern customers in mind. Amishoutletstore.com offers the best desks for your space at up to 33% off retail pricing. And if you’re looking to outfit your commercial office space, our large order discount means your savings increase when you bundle. Whether you’re in the market for an impressive executive desk or something more space efficient, Amishoutletstore.com has the perfect office furniture to meet your needs.

Browse our selection of workspace and office furniture and contact us if you have any questions. 


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