A solid wood wraparound or L-desk offers tons of storage space and an ideal place to hook up your computer without taking up all the space in your kitchen, living room or office. Our L-desks are made from durable materials, such as oak and cherry, that will stay sturdy for a long time to come. No matter how much use you get out of your new desk, you won’t have to worry about wearing it out.

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We know how to make desks and other furniture perfect for a variety of uses, such as:

  • Working from home
  • Using the computer
  • Playing board games with your family
  • Paying bills
  • Filing important papers

When you buy one of our desks, you get a piece with lots of utility. Our varied inventory includes an Amish L-desk that’s right for your special room.

How to Choose the Right L-Desk

Be picky when you decide on the best Amish desk for your home. You can find just about any combination of desires from our desks because we make so many. This includes:

  • Big desks with rooms for books, which comes in handy for storing cookbooks in a kitchen
  • Wide desks with storage room for a printer, saving you the hassle of trying to find a printer table
  • Desks without any sort of upper level that fit snugly into a smaller room in the house

In fact, if you’re worried about our L-desks taking up too much room, you can rest easy knowing we have options available that take up less space than traditional L-desks. When you pick one of these varieties, you can enjoy the flexibility of having a desk to use for whatever papers or computer information you might need, while avoiding the hassle of a huge piece of furniture that becomes an eyesore in the room.

Can I Match the L-Desk to My Décor?

Many people buying new furniture become eager to match everything in their rooms with all new accessories. Stop before you do that and look around your house. What do you have around your home that could be re-purposed? Try decorating with these items before you buy anything new. A few examples include:

  • Adding an antique globe to the desk. Though old globes are rarely used these days, they make great conversation pieces and add a touch of worldly style to your décor. Best of all, they perfectly complement the wood of any of our desks with their muted colors.
  • Moving a large plant next to the desk. Lush green plants look terrific next to the deep wood tones of a new Amish L-desk. Pick a tree that’s a little taller than the desk, though make sure it doesn’t grow too wide or it may start falling over your desk.
  • Putting knickknacks on the upper shelves. Nothing says “home” quite like souvenirs from past vacations or gifts you’ve received from dear friends. Give these pieces a place of honor on your desk and display them like the sentimental pieces they are.

Enjoy a look around at our many Amish L-Desks today, and find the ideal desk for your space.