Chapter 5/Conclusion: Amish Furniture Delivery Process

If you’re excited to order custom Amish-made furniture, you’re probably wondering what the delivery process entails. Unlike mass-produced furniture, each piece of Amish furniture is made-to-order, so the delivery process is a little different. In this last chapter, we’ll show you what to expect with a furniture delivery from our store.

Amish Furniture is made-to-order

How Long Does a Furniture Delivery Take?

Because we partner with Amish craftsmen to make handmade furniture, it may take 3-6 months for your furniture to be built. Custom pieces may take longer. Once a piece is complete, it takes about two to three weeks for delivery.

How Do You Measure for a Furniture Delivery?

It’s important to measure the space for your new furniture so you can enjoy it the moment it arrives. You can also use these measurements to determine the height, width and length of a piece you wish to have custom-built. To prepare for your Amish furniture delivery, follow these tips:

  • Make sure to measure points of entry first.
  • Consider all doorways and hallways your furniture has to pass through and measure the width, height and diagonal width of these areas.
  • Consider any corners you might have to turn with the furniture.
  • Take note of any light fixtures or wall hangings that may get in the way.

Furniture should be at least 4 inches less than the passageway measurements so you or the delivery team have enough room to move the furniture easily.

If you see a piece on our site that you wish to have but does not meet your measurement needs, our builders can customize most of their pieces if you need to make changes. If you have any question about the dimensions of your furniture, please contact one of our representatives.

More About Our Amish Furniture Delivery Process

Here are a few more facts about the furniture delivery process at You can rest assured that each piece is delivered with as much care as the craftsman put into building the furniture:

  • Amish builders in Ohio and Indiana make all of our furniture.
  • Professional furniture delivery companies deliver our furniture.
  • All furniture is delivered blanket-wrapped to keep it protected.

Also, shipping is quoted as standard residential curbside delivery for $249 per invoice to most areas. With curbside delivery, one driver will deliver the furniture, and you will unload the furniture and move it into your home. If you choose this option, make sure to plan ahead and have help available on the day of delivery.  Additional shipping charges may apply if in a remote area or ferry service is required.

If you opt for White Glove in-home delivery for an additional $199 charge, movers will carry the furniture into your home for you and place the furniture where you wish. They will also set up any items for you except for a baby crib, which comes with instructions or items that must be mounted to a wall such as Murphy beds. Beds and tables will require some assembly if you choose curbside delivery. All other pieces of furniture arrive fully assembled.

If you have any questions about our delivery process, please reach out to us. We are happy to answer your questions about shipping, assembly, moving the furniture and more. We are also glad to provide quotes for both furniture and shipping costs, so you know exactly what to expect and can plan accordingly. Once your new Amish furniture arrives, it will not be long before you can enjoy the furniture and the natural charm it brings to your home.

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Amish-made furniture is built with skill, pride and generations of carpentry knowledge. When you welcome a piece of custom Amish furniture into your home, you fill a space with organic beauty and art that reflects hours of care and consideration. Unlike factory-made furniture, each piece of Amish furniture adds something unique and personal to your home to be enjoyed by friends, family and guests for many years. You might even pass the furniture down to keep craftsmanship alive for future generations.

Amish Furniture is Made with Generations of Carpentry Knowledge

We hope this guide educated you about the process of solid wood furniture making and why the Amish continue to embrace this craft. At, we are proud to offer quality, handmade Amish furniture for almost every room in the home. From bedroom sets to weather-resistant outdoor furniture, all of our pieces are carefully constructed with the Amish values of hard work and honesty. Fill your home with traditional Amish treasures and browse our furniture today!

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