Reno Collection

Big box chains offer bedroom sets at cheap prices that might look nice on the surface, but they’ll never match the quality you get from handmade. A great example is our Reno Collection, which exudes distinct character and long-lasting durability.

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Characteristics of the Reno Collection

The Reno Collection stands out as one of our most creative furniture sets. It places a heavy emphasis on curves, as every piece features serpentine posts that will command attention throughout every part of the room.

The collection utilizes a tasteful mix of simple elements and arches with varying panels — some are inlaid, while others are raised. As a whole, the set has plenty of furniture pieces that you can mix and match, which makes it one of the more customizable options from our inventory.

Customize the Details of Your Reno Collection

Creating the right look is critical to achieving the right ambiance, and the Reno Collection can meet your requirements for desired wood grains and stains. Rather than relying on veneers and particle board with harsh resins and glues, you’ll select from naturally sourced, kiln-dried hardwoods. Your selection includes brown maple, cherry, oak and Q.S. white oak.

We offer dozens of stains, too, to help bring out the natural and unique look of your chosen wood grain.

Add the Reno Collection to Your Bedroom

Get creative with your next bedroom set by implementing our Reno Collection. sells handcrafted furniture that meets the mark for superlative quality, and you can receive up to 33% off the retail price. Explore the Reno Collection today!