Richfield Bedroom Collection

Having a matching bedroom set creates excellent harmony throughout the area and helps enhance the overall comfort level. You’ll feel ready for a good night’s rest with elements from the Richfield Collection, which borrows stylistic components from classic designs while still matching with many modern elements.

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Characteristics of Mission Bookcases

The Richfield furniture set borrows from the Shaker style by utilizing a mix of raised and inlaid wood paneling to create a unique look that stands the test of time.

Unlike the fragile composite and engineered wood that many mass manufacturers use today, you’ll find that these Richfield pieces consist of high-quality, kiln-dried hardwood like white oak and cherry to meet superior standards for durability. When you purchase this furniture, you make an investment that weathers the years beautifully and serves as a possible heirloom for the future family.

Complete an Entire Bedroom Set With the Richfield Collection

We offer multiple takes on common furniture types, which allows you to customize your bedroom set while respecting the dimensions of your bedroom.

Choose from one of four different armoires that vary in storage space. Hang your clothes in a decorative way or use one of the bigger models as a creative method for hiding a TV. You can choose between 6- and 8-drawer chests. His-and-hers are also available for a distinct separation between a couple’s storage spaces.

We offer two sizes of dressers with mirrors, and both serve as handy places to prepare yourself in the morning. We offer one type of bed and nightstand to center your set around.

You can alter the aesthetic as you please thanks to our selection of woods and stains. You can choose between a few different types of oak and cherry, as well as maple. We carry more than a dozen available stains that range in brightness and tone.

Add the Richfield Collection to Your Bedroom Today

By ordering through, you get beautiful, handmade furniture at up to 33% off the retail price. Experienced Amish crafters build each item with genuine materials, meaning you can rely on your bedroom collection for years to come. Browse the Richfield Collection today!