Bookcases are versatile pieces of furniture you can use in several rooms, from the office or study to the living room and bedrooms. They can house not only books, but other items, collectibles and décor, as well. Because of the heavy weight of the items we typically place on bookshelves, they must be made incredibly strong.

With a Shaker-style bookcase, you can rest assured your bookcase will be durable enough to support the weight of all your displayed items. Our Shaker bookcases are handcrafted from solid wood and finished with a protective stain that allows them to last for years.

Bookcase Styles

At, we offer many styles, shapes and sizes of shaker bookcases. Small bookshelves offer just a few shelves that won’t take up a large amount of space in your house. But, if you have lots of things to store on your bookcase, consider a larger bookcase with more shelves. Open shelves are great for displaying collectibles and special items. You can also add doors, cabinets and drawers for extra enclosed storage space.

Corner bookcases are great for small areas or rooms that need a piece of furniture to tie the room together. Though corner bookcases are not very wide, the triangular shape of the shelves are fairly deep.

Shopping for a Shaker Bookcase From

When you’re shopping for a shaker bookcase, consider the size and style of the room you’re placing it in. If you have other wood furniture in the room, choose a wood and stain that will match those pieces. We have many options available to ensure you can get as close of a match as possible. For a unique look, paint the bookcase any color you like — the surface of Shaker bookcases is ideal for painting.

Also, think about the things you’ll be placing on the shelf. These sturdy bookcases can handle the weight of several heavy books and objects. If you plan to place décor and other items on the shelf, consider their height so you can buy a bookshelf that’s large enough. Remember to measure the depth of the bookcase to ensure your items will fit on the shelf.

Whatever style of shaker bookcase you choose, it will last for generations when you purchase it from Our Shaker-style bookcases are the perfect pieces to pass down for years. Plus, you can get up to 33% off your bookcase when you shop with us. Browse our styles now!

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