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How to Lay out Office Furniture

How to Lay Out Office Furniture

Your office deserves unique attention. Whether your office is at home or in a separate building, it’s where your best ideas come to life. You and your employees probably also spend 40 hours or more a week there. For these reasons, your office should be comfortable, inspiring and promote productivity.

A thoughtfully laid-out office makes a significant difference in employee happiness. Studies consistently show the physical environment impacts employee behavior, productivity and satisfaction. An essential aspect of creating a relaxed and efficient office is choosing the right layout and office furniture.

If you wish to increase comfort levels and workflow in your office, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to lay out an office space that works for your business, and we’ll also help you choose furniture that will inspire employees to put their best foot forward.

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How to Plan a New Office Layout

Before you start rearranging or adding new office furniture, you need a plan. Think about your goals and what you wish to accomplish in your space. For example, do you want to create an environment that promotes collaboration, or do you need a space that helps employees focus on solitary tasks? After you consider aspects like business goals and office size, you’ll be ready to choose and arrange the furniture accordingly. Here are tips and factors to consider to help you plan a new layout.

  • Consider your budget: Your first step to maximizing your space and changing the layout of your office is to think about your budget. Figure out what you can afford to spend on office furniture and layout changes. Use this dollar figure to guide your decisions.
  • Consider employees’ needs: Think about what your employees require to do their best work and feel comfortable. You might take a poll or speak with employees directly to find out what they want and need.
  • Be ready to toss old furniture: To create a more inspiring and comfortable workspace, you may need to replace old, worn furniture with new durable furniture. Evaluate what you have, and get rid of furniture that’s uncomfortable or fails to function as it should.
  • Consider technological requirements: It might be easy to overlook technological needs when you’re envisioning your dream office space, but it’s a critical part of the job. Make sure you consider easy access to outlets, Wi-Fi routers and phone jacks to ensure employees can access everything they need.
  • Consider who uses the space: Who uses your office now, and who might do so in the future? Do only you and employees use the office, or do clients and visitors also spend time in the space? It’s crucial to answer these questions, because visitors and clients will perceive your business a certain way when they see the layout of your office. If clients step into an efficient, well-designed office, they’re more likely to leave with a great impression.
  • Think about the positive qualities that already exist: Is there a particular aspect of the current layout that seems to enhance productivity? For example, do employees tend to come up with their best ideas while brainstorming at a group table, rather than from separate workstations? Consider what works and what doesn’t, as this can help guide your future decisions.
  • Don’t forget lighting: Make sure to include lighting as part of your office layout. Lighting makes a difference in the comfort levels of a space, and can impact mood, productivity and even health. Natural light is ideal, so aim to include as much natural light as possible in your layout. If your office lacks natural light, choose ceiling lights or desk lamps that mimic natural light.
  • Save space for relaxing: Aim to create an area that allows employees to step away from their work and take a break. This relaxing space should be free of computers and anything else work-related so employees can take a few moments to recharge.
  • Consider temperature: Take notice of air vents, direct sunlight and other elements that can make part of the office feel too hot or too cold. Think about how you can arrange furniture around these cold or hot spots to improve comfort levels. Although you may not be able to work around these entirely, depending on the size of your office, the temperature is something you want to keep in mind when you make layout decisions.
  • Avoid cramming: You want to have some room in the office to move around or stand and chat, and you also want to avoid creating a space that’s too visually overwhelming. Therefore, consider the size of your office when you choose furniture, and don’t try to pack too much in one space.
  • Consider future growth: Lastly, when planning your layout, think about the growth of your company and where it’ll be months from now. Do you see yourself hiring more employees within the next few months? If so, think about where you’ll place their desks now to save yourself time and effort in the future.

Office Furniture Layout Ideas

Perhaps the easiest and best way to choose an office layout is to ask employees for their input. Workers who can select where, how and when they work are more satisfied with their jobs and perform better.

A comfortable office also attracts new employees. According to the report “Human Spaces: The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace,” 33% of office workers say the design of an office would impact their decision to work there. You might let employees choose their workspaces or arrange furniture how they want.

Also, you can’t go wrong with adding a variety of work areas within your office to suit different preferences and activities. For example, make sure to have quiet areas for relaxing, as well as collaboration rooms. The point is to create an environment that will help employees thrive.

1. Collaborative Layout

Collaborative Furniture Layout

Collaborative workspaces work well for fast-paced businesses that often hold impromptu meetings and need quick gathering places for brainstorming or communicating. Regardless of your industry, small business owners can benefit from a workspace that promotes collaboration because it leads to the spread of ideas that can help the business grow. If you don’t often have time to schedule meetings or book conference rooms, a collaborative layout may be your best bet. Here are ways to create a collaborative layout:

  • Form clusters of desks by pushing individual desks together and form both small and large group tables.
  • Take away cubicle walls or dividers to open the space and encourage teamwork.
  • Add a variety of comfortable seating options throughout the space to promote spontaneous interactions.

2. Freethinking Layout

If you own a startup or any business where you want to encourage creativity and innovation, you need a flexible workspace that allows workers to move around, stand as they work or kick back on a couch with a notepad when inspiration strikes. The key is to include plenty of places to stand or sit comfortably with a laptop or other tools of the trade. Here are some ideas:

  • Replace old desks with standing desks, or think of ways to turn existing furniture into standing desks.
  • Add couches or comfortable chairs to the workspace to encourage employees to work wherever they want.
  • Place surfaces around the office where employees can work on their laptop as they feel the need to.
  • Add whiteboards to the primary office area to promote idea flow.

3. Easy-to-Focus Layout

If your employees need to focus without interruption, they need quiet, private and comfortable spaces. According to the Human Spaces report, 39% of employees felt most productive at their desk in a private office. Here are ways to create a layout that aids concentration:

  • Split up group areas to create individual work stations with privacy screens.
  • Create nooks and crannies with cozy seating where employees can work peacefully.
  • Include a conference table for employees who wish to get away from their desks and work quietly together.

4. Socializing Layout

Socializing Layout

Make employees feel less isolated and happier at work by creating a workspace that encourages interactions. Friendship at work has a positive impact on productivity, and a lack of camaraderie impairs engagement. According to Gallup, two-thirds of women value the social part of their jobs, and strong workplace relationships enhance performance. Here’s what you can do to create a layout that fosters friendships:

  • Arrange desks so employees face each other to promote interactions.
  • Add a long bar so people can stand and chat.
  • Create cozy common areas for employees to take breaks and get to know each other.

5. Home Office Layout

Is your office at home? If so, you have a lot more flexibility in how you design your office and arrange furniture. Here are layout ideas for creating a home office that works for you:

  • Arrange furniture in a way that allows you to access items quickly and easily.
  • Place furniture so it’s easy to access outlets.
  • Position your desk in front of a window if possible, to give yourself a view and lots of natural light.
  • Incorporate shelving that helps you stay organized.

Recommended Office Furniture

Recommended Office Furniture

Whether you’re rearranging your office to create a more inspiring layout or replacing old furniture, here are small business furniture ideas to ensure you and your employees have what you need.

  • Desks: You need durable and functional desks for you and your employees. Consider your style, space and storage and technology needs when choosing a desk. For example, if you need plenty of desk space to put work items within easy reach, consider our sturdy L-desks. If you want to create a layout that encourages the free flow of ideas, consider adding adjustable standing desks to the office to give employees the option to stand or sit.
  • File cabinets: Include file cabinets to keep your business organized and add visual appeal to the office. Depending on your preference and size of space, you might choose either horizontal or vertical file cabinets. Either way, you have plenty of styles to choose from. For example, a law office with traditional furnishings might choose our gorgeous Montereau Lateral File Cabinet with Bookcase Hutch. If you have a modern style, consider our Urban Lateral File Credenza.
  • Chairs: Comfortable, high-quality desk chairs are essential in a happy office, no matter the layout. Choose chairs that are sturdy, adjustable and offer great support. Consider adding chairs with wheels to improve efficiency, like our Edelweiss Arm Chair.
  • Seating for clients: Clients and visitors need cozy seating too, and we have options to match your decor or fit seamlessly into your layout. For example, a beautiful wood-and-leather Client Chair is sure to impress guests while providing a comfortable place to sit. You can always make clients, visitors and employees feel appreciated with a plush sofa too.
  • Bookcases: Bookcases provide space for accessories, plants, electronics and, of course, books. Bookcases make an office more efficient and organized, and they look great in any layout. We offer dozens of styles of bookcases to choose from to suit your preferences and office design.
  • Worktables: You can scatter various worktables around the office to encourage employees to get up, move around and work wherever they feel most inspired. For example, you might place our Springhill Return Table in front of a window so an employee can quickly jot down ideas with a view. Our single base tables encourage employees to plop down and collaborate.
  • Printer stands: You can free up table and desk space with printer stands. You can also arrange printer stands strategically around the office to aid efficiency. A printer stand saves space and looks great in a home office as well.
  • Conference tables: A sturdy, attractive conference table invites employees to take a seat and come up with new ideas and solutions. We offer beautiful wooden conference tables that add warmth to the room and make employees feel comfortable and ready to work. Our Fifth Avenue Conference Desk is perfect for a private meeting between business partners or clients.

Buy Wooden Office Furniture Online

Buy Wooden Furniture Online

Part of creating an encouraging, comfortable work environment is incorporating high-quality furniture built to last. You and your employees spend a lot of your time in the office, putting your talents and communication skills to work. You deserve furniture that enhances the workspace, improves workflow and helps create a positive mood.

If you’re looking for quality furniture for your business or home office that’s beautiful, comfortable and durable, you’ll want to choose wooden furniture. Wooden furniture adds warmth to an office environment and brings a sense of nature inside. According to the Human Spaces report, natural elements are one of the most desirable features in an office. The same report states colors found in nature, like brown, boost happiness, creativity and productivity.

At AmishOutletStore.com, we offer a wide selection of wooden workspace furniture that demonstrates the beauty of trees through fine craftsmanship. To create an office layout that inspires and welcomes, shop AmishOutletStore.com today!


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