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Top 12 Amish Furniture Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Top 12 Amish Furniture Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Are you searching for a phenomenal gift for someone special? Or are you gathering holiday ideas for your personal wish list? Whichever applies to you, consider Amish furniture and home accessories. The holidays are the ideal time to revamp a home with new pieces that will be long-time favorites.

From larger furnishings that may dramatically alter the look of a room to smaller decorations that may effortlessly fit in a favorite spot, these Amish gifts will satisfy your search. Products formed with earnest craftsmanship are heartfelt, and they may become a treasured family heirloom.

Amish furniture is unparalleled. Amish communities were in America as early as 1693, and their heritage continues to impact their craftsmanship. Wooden products are timeless choices. Here are our top 12 Amish gift ideas that will charm your friends and family this holiday season.

1. Cozy Electric Fireplace Unit

Cozy Electric Fireplace Unit

Enhance your winter festivities with a fireplace unit. The holiday season is the ideal time to huddle close by the fireplace with loved ones. While the chilly air draws you closer together, an electric fireplace unit will reflect the warmth in your hearts. Watch a flame flit around as you enjoy company, exchange gifts and celebrate.

Tradition comes alive in a new way with these non-wood burning fireplaces. Our Amish craftsmen carefully create these iconic pieces and invest their expertise in long-lasting products. A fireplace unit as a gift will be an unforgettable gesture.

The Valley Fireplace is a stately option and would fit an intimate living room. Because this handsome fireplace is on casters, it is entirely mobile. Easily rearrange your living room or always keep your fireplace near. The front of the Valley Fireplace is glass, and the flame is controlled by a remote.

The sharp lines and rounded corners of the Nashville Fireplace fit innovative interiors while still holding onto the beloved wooden style. This heirloom links the old and new, and the LED and remote capabilities make for an attractive present.

2. Quilt Rack

Quilt Rack

Another way to stay comfortable this season is to wrap yourself up in a cherished quilt. The precious handiwork of skilled family members pairs perfectly with wooden heirlooms crafted by adept Amish artisans.

If you’ve seen a breathtaking compilation of hand-stitched squares lying around a friend’s home, help them create an area where others can admire their quilts. Amish quilt racks are purpose-built for displaying lovely quilts. Quiltmakers also deserve this gift — their hobby gives them an abundance of quilts, and you can provide them with a place to store their art. Express your appreciation for their craft by showcasing their talent with a hickory, oak, brown maple, quarter-sawn (QS) white oak or cherry quilt rack.

The Rope Twist Quilt Rack gently holds quilts over three rods with ornate swirling legs on either side. The rounded features only make the exhibited quilt pop more. However, quilts hung on the simple design of the Quilt Case boldly catch the eye. For a true heirloom quilt in need of a little extra protection, look to the enclosed quilt case. Consider your quilt lover’s preference and stun them with any of these gifts.

3. Game Table

Solid Wood Game Table

After sitting around the dinner table and feasting throughout the holidays, another kind of table will come in handy to continue the merriment. Encourage your loved ones to ditch the digital games and play a hands-on game of checkers with this Prairie Mission Game Table. Challenge someone to a game once they unwrap this sensational artisan creation.

For competitive family members or chess experts, this game table presents a friendly face-off. The slated sides offset the open sides, clearly inviting two opponents to pull up chairs. The 3-inch by 3-inch squares are fashioned with walnut and a second wood of your choice. A clear coat covers the thick wood of the table for a glistening and lasting finish. The lavish corbels ensure that this game table is unlike any other — the Amish detail and durability are unmatched.

For a game-loving friend who doesn’t want to sacrifice good taste, an Amish game table will preserve their gorgeous living space and enrich it with entertaining fun. Pair it with some Amish Game Room Chairs to give spectators an elevated view of the game.

4. Wooden Coffee Bar

Wooden Coffee Bar

Coffee, tea and hot cocoa are in high demand during the holidays. It’s no secret that piping hot drinks are a winter staple and solace from the biting wind. These wooden coffee bars will wow your visitors, from holiday parties to hosting relatives. If you know a coffee lover who stocks up on new roasts and the latest coffee grinders, this coffee bar will delight them.

Give the gift of confidence to the hosting aficionado during the frigid winter months when most opt to stay at home. Kitchen fanatics will also appreciate this extra storage space and the possibility to entertain — the versatile coffee bar can even dress up a dining room. There are countless possibilities for setting up the bar stations, and the do-it-yourself nature of this piece is a fun and interactive experience for all.

The Novalene Coffee Bar’s small side doors and soft-close shelves offer extensive storage space for sugar, creamer, mugs, appliances and accessories. The side doors swing out with racks available on the doors for speedy access to coffee condiments. Coffee bars inspire a desire to share and chat while leisurely sipping a hot beverage. Each coffee bar is a location to recharge. Thrill your loved ones with this unexpected treat.

5. Grandfather Clock

You will want to hold on to each moment this season — you may even wish for time to slow down. Treasure every minute with an impressive grandfather clock. Children will crouch before it, waiting for the sound of a holiday arriving and the dawn of their favorite day. It will be a quick reference to track simmering dishes or a main course reaching golden-brown perfection. But most of all, an Amish clock inserts a prized focal point.

These solid wood grandfather clocks symbolize heritage — an enduring timepiece dressed in sophisticated hardwood. The Morgan Clock features solid wood, Yellowheart Ginkgo leaf and arrow inlays. These decorative choices pair with the convenient storage options to display your prized collectibles in refined style.

For more storage, the original McCoy Clock offers a sturdy flat-panel door and dovetailed drawers. Both clock types include a curio light to illuminate your settings. Our McCoy and Morgan clocks are an excellent contribution to a well-designed space.

For the wine connoisseur in your life, consider this multifaceted grandfather clock with an incorporated wine rack. The McCoy Wine Rack Clock elegantly highlights the glass rack with a strategically placed mirror to reflect hanging crystal pieces. Your loved one can store their wine collection with pride in the bottle cabinet. Purchase this piece in dignified oak, brown maple, cherry or QS white oak.

6. Amish Cheval or Mirror

Mirrors and chevals aren’t only for the primping people in your life. A reflective surface dresses up an area, and even decorative mirrors are useful. A simple wall mirror services anyone meandering around your home or living room, and as a wall decoration, it fills white space and accents your interior design. As a gift, Amish chevals and mirrors are a tremendous addition and fitting for many of the people in your life.

Give an Amish cheval to the beauty in your life. If your family member is accessorizing a large bedroom or bathroom, a cheval will give them a lengthened view and a chance to underscore their exquisite room. This tilted mirror framed in striking wood is mobile and can be moved around their area until they settle on a premium spot. These vertical and adjustable mirrors come in many shapes, stains and wood types — from traditional rectangular to a modern octagon cheval.

For those who prefer extra storage for beauty products, jewelry or accessories, jewelry chevals or swivel mirrors provide shelves, hooks or drawers to stash extras. With such versatile furniture, maximize the available limited area. The mirror slides or swings open to reveal organization options. When you are finished with the compartments, simply shut or slide the mirror back in place.

The Traditional Shaker Jewelry Cheval and Mirror‘s crushed velvet interior allures in deep burgundy or classic black. Skim your jewelry on the 11 necklace hooks and three ring slots — not to mention the four shelves with varying dividers to sort your favorite bracelets, pins, brooches and more.

The Hartford Jewelry Cheval and Mirror takes the intrigue of such a complex piece to a whole new level with a secret compartment. Treat a friend to this secure cheval so they can enclose their valuables with peace of mind.

7. Rocker or Glider

Wooden Rocker or Glider

Each individual’s favorite place to sit down and rest is different. But any peaceful retreat requires one thing — a comfy seat where you can lounge to your heart’s content. No matter what your loved one’s style, a comfortable Amish chair is the answer.

rocking chair or glider is perfect for many of the people on your holiday gift list. From new mothers swaying their little ones into a steady slumber to avid readers enthralled in a new book, a properly cushioned rocking chair is an excellent spot to sit and rest. You can choose the type of wood, color of stain and fabric pattern to create a one-of-a-kind gift.

The Lincoln Rocker has a sizeable padded back to protect from strain, and the design is clean and effortless. Leather is available for a masculine or minimalist taste. The Highback Glider extends luxury with its tall, wide back. Pair it with a matching gliding ottoman to extend the comfort even further. Snag this glider for a friend who likes to nestle into their seated station. Both of these seats would fit well in a living room full of recreation.

Every rustic home or log cabin should have a Rustic Papa Bear Rocker — and your rustic-loving friend or “papa bear” should, too. These log-assembled seats come in aspen, cedar or rustic pine. Because every tree and each tree’s branches are unique, these chairs are never exactly alike — the Amish authenticity and character shine through.

8. Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture - Bench

For the person who loves being on the porch or in the garden, outdoor furniture might be an excellent gift idea. From swings and grilling accessories to complete dining sets, there’s something for every outdoor enthusiast. If you need help thinking of garden furniture gift ideas, these outdoor pieces can be used around your growing produce or flowerbeds.

Help your favorite outdoorsman or -woman settle into a satisfactory position with a comfortable and weather-resistant outdoor rocker. The Legacy High Fan Back Rocker comes in a range of colors, including Cherry Wood, Purple, Cedar, Bright Red and more. The material is formed from recycled plastics, an environmental plus. Add to the set with the Legacy Garden Bench. If you know a devoted gardener, make sure they have a comfortable place to sit to admire their hard work. These quality products will retain their incredible appearance year after year.

9. Amish Rocking Horse

Solid Wood Amish Rocking Horse

The holiday season delights children and their infectious joy bursts at the seams with the thrill of gifts. Put a grin on a child’s face with a rocking horse and watch their imagination grow. Customized Amish furniture is especially qualified to coordinate with children’s smaller frames, and you can choose from the vast array of Amish rocking horses to find sizes, colors and designs that fit your child’s personality.

Choose a flat seat or raised seat to construct a comfortable setting for your child. Small, medium and large sizes adjust to your child’s growth and keep them riding around and laughing for as many years as possible. Traditional wood stains are available, but soft pinks, blues, peaches, greens and more can adorn your rocking horse. Your child can grasp the textured rocking horse manes and rock to their heart’s content. Themed rocking horses can bring your child’s passions to life. Here are our favorites:

  • The Padded Seat Rocking Horse features a soft seat to give your child hours of play in comfort.
  • The Medium Rocking Horse is situated on a sturdy base so toddlers can play on it without worry that the horse will tip. It has everything you could want in a play horse, including a tail and a bridle.
  • For any little ones, the Small Rocking Horse is the ideal choice to fit those smaller bodies. 

10. Pet Lounge or Rustic Dog Bed

Pet Lounge or Rustic Dog Bed

We all have animal lovers in our lives who want the best and most comfortable options for their furry friends. If you are looking for cool furniture gift ideas, Amish furniture even extends to pet accessories. Dogs and cats can find a place to rest in these lounges or wooden crate beds. Say goodbye to mismatched animal accessories with an Amish wooden pet bed. They will blend in with your other furniture and increase your home’s class.

The Rustic Barrel Dog Bed is a refurbished genuine barrel. It even has black marks as evidence of charring in the flavoring process. Your friend’s pet can claim this round nook, and the unexpected design will spread holiday cheer to pet lovers.

A more luxurious place, like an Amish Pet Lounge, treats dogs or cats to a rare form of contentment. This hardwood raised lounge comes with a 2-inch thick orthopedic foam pad — pets will sleep soundly after crawling into this bed. A water-resistant cover accompanies this lounge for any outdoor pets or for storing the bed. Choose between oak, QS white oak, cherry and brown maple for a pet lounge with substance from skilled Amish artisans.

11. Rustic Table Lamp or Wall Light

Rustic Table Lamp or Wall Light

A minor home accessory is no less special, and these small furniture gift ideas may be more manageable if you want to give gifts to a large number of people. Brighten someone’s holiday and home with a table lamp or wall light. Table lamps serve a vital purpose and do so day-in and day-out.

The Amish Rustic Table Lamp will bring an earthy feel to rustically decorated homes that traditional lamps may not accomplish. A matching Rustic Wall Light spreads the down-to-earth ambiance throughout a home, and it casts an unbeatable glow over your furniture and accessories.

The rustic table lamp and wall light are both available in aspen, cedar and rustic pine, and they each have one-of-a-kind bends and knots. This is because the supplies used to create them are natural — Amish techniques and traditions make these lights unparalleled and reliable.

Pairing a lamp with a lamp table is another thoughtful choice that will bring your loved one’s space to another level. The Prairie Mission Lamp Table fits with the natural wooden ambiance of these light sources, but it lends a resting place for the table lamp to dress up a room.

12. Amish Bookcase

For the person in your life whose nose is usually buried in a book or can’t stop purchasing more reading material, a bookshelf will display their most prized possessions. Give easy access and a pleasing addition to your book lover with this gift. Wooden bookcases offer storage for the well-read, and the Amish-style of these structures contains impressive details, versatility and lasting quality.

The Honeybell Bookcase is an elegant 60-inch high case that goes well with many kinds of office, study or living room decor. It has four adjustable shelves so you can accommodate the heights of your novels and other literature, or rearrange the shelves whenever you desire. Its raised panel sides give this piece depth and a sign of the Amish design.

The Mission Corner Bookcase adds the same sentiment of highlighting books but saves valuable space by sliding into the unused corners of any room. It features fixed shelves and stands 72-inches high. The unit adds a practical flow to your area, and more bookshelves can be added on either side to expand a personal library. The tall, slender bookcase dresses up a home with a practical twist.

The Lanita Bookcase Stand is a more modern design with ladder-like feel. This book stand can hold more than books, as decorations and accessories can be deliberately placed to accent your collection. This piece is a thoughtful gift to give to someone who wants a focal point for their living room. The triangular shape draws your eye up until it reaches the peak, so place the books or baubles you are most proud of at the top.

Find Quality Amish Furniture at AmishOutletStore.com

A gift of solid wood furniture is sure to impact your friends and family, and they will continually use these classic pieces. Generations of Amish wisdom and competence show in each piece in this gift idea list. Pass on these gift ideas to your loved ones if you came across something that you’d love to unwrap.

For the hardwood furniture items you purchase as gifts this holiday season, take great care in their upkeep. Regular care for Amish wooden furniture will help them withstand much of the wear and tear of daily life. Follow best practices in caring for your wooden furniture.

From accessories to furniture sets, AmishOutletStore.com has fantastic, carefully made products — and holiday furniture deals. The Amish craftsmen of AmishOutletStore.com strive to build the highest quality furniture with their skillful techniques. Each piece is made in the U.S. with tried-and-true processes and diligent work. Order a custom piece of Amish furniture today to take advantage of our holiday furniture deals.


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