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What Quality Furniture Actually Means

Quality, Custom, Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

How do you know whether you’re buying high-quality furniture? If a piece of furniture is low quality, you can usually tell by how long it lasts before breaking. Some low-quality furniture can last you 10 to 20 years, while others may not even last five.

The challenge is developing the ability to identify the difference between reliable and unreliable items before you get them home. It would be a shame to buy a pretty dining room table from the store only to find cracks in it a year or two later.

So, that begs the question, what does quality furniture mean? You can easily determine if a piece of furniture is worth your time and effort, provided you know what to look for. Here are five qualities of a good piece of furniture:

  • Simple to use: One of the first questions you should ask yourself when you consider buying a piece of furniture is whether or not it’s easy to use. What’s the point of having a beautiful household amenity if you struggle to use it? Many people value accessibility, user-friendliness and convenience — this is just as important as good strength and durability. If you find a piece of furniture that strikes a balance between the two, you’ll be better off.
  • Easy to maintain: If a furniture item requires little maintenance, you can spend less of your time cleaning it. Most furniture needs a good cleaning now and then, especially if multiple people use it on a regular basis. Good furniture should have simple upkeep guidelines so that you can spend time on the more important aspects of your day without having to ask yourself whether you can find the time and energy for cleaning.
  • Durable: The most important aspect of high-quality furniture is how long it will last. High-quality solid wood furniture may endure for a few decades — it just takes some skill and experience to tell when a piece is reliable. For instance, if you can run your fingernail firmly across the wood without making a noticeable mark, you should be safe to bring the piece home with confidence in its durability.
  • Looks smooth and clean: When it comes to wood furniture, there are some obvious red flags that can indicate low quality. If the piece of furniture has a smooth finish and looks clean, you have a better chance of bringing home a high-quality item. However, you should try to avoid wood pieces with excessive knots or furniture joints that have screws or staples in them — these can indicate a far lower life span.
  • Fits your home and body needs: This standard relies more on individual preference than the others, but it’s just as critical when you need to decide on the best furniture option. Does the furniture fit the space you want to occupy? If you’re considering a chair or sofa, is it comfortable or does it cause body pain? Your body’s safety and comfort are top priorities when you add a new item to your home.

How Does Make Quality Furniture?

The above components each define what quality furniture is to, and we strive to embody those qualities each day with every new project we do.

Quality Materials

To get the best quality Amish furniture, we always start with the materials. While some furniture businesses use wood substitutes to build dining chairs and bedroom closets, the secret to our long-lasting products is our exclusive use of solid wood.

A material like particleboard, which manufacturers commonly use, is not as durable as solid wood. A coffee table made of brown maple will hold up for far longer than one made of a wood substitute!

Custom, Handcrafted Furniture Pieces

Each piece of’s furniture is handcrafted — and once we’ve finished, we sand and stain the piece ourselves to give it a smooth, elegant look that will last for many years to come.

We also know there’s no “one size fits all” option when it comes to buying furniture for your home. That’s why we offer options for customizing to make sure we can deliver to you not only high-quality Amish furniture, but furniture that caters specifically to your needs as well.

What Makes Furniture Good Quality?

If you’re looking for new additions to your home, offers a large selection of heirloom quality furniture for people seeking the next step up in caliber. However, you now might be asking, what is heirloom-quality furniture?

Something with heirloom quality is an item so well-built and durable that it lasts for generations. Perhaps you have an heirloom in your home right now from your grandparents or even your great grandparents. Now, you might be thinking that furniture and household accessories just don’t hold up the way they used to.

Sometimes this is true, but only for businesses that value quantity over quality. Whether you need a new dining chair, a bathroom vanity or a lounge for your beloved pet, has a vast collection of furniture items that will last long enough for you to pass them down to your own family members.

We make our high-quality custom furniture from a selection of sturdy wood types, such as oak, hickory, cherry and more. You can choose from options like these for any of our solid wood furniture pieces, from bookcases and wine cabinets to work desks and bed frames.

Buy Your Solid Wood Furniture From

Few kinds of furniture can top the best quality Amish furniture. If you were to check one of our pieces for heirloom quality, we have confidence that we would pass the test every time. Using only the sturdiest materials and the most detailed crafting process, we create furniture unrivaled in lasting beauty and functionality.

We are currently offering high-quality custom furniture pieces for up to 33 percent off at our online store. Browse through our unique furniture options and get a free custom furniture quote today!


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