Shaker-style furniture is known for its functionality and simplicity, and Shaker living room furniture is no different. Though the style is simplistic, it has a very elegant and traditional look. The durability of Shaker living room furniture is unmatched.

Shaker Living Room Furniture Pieces From

All our Shaker-style pieces are handcrafted from solid wood to create furniture that will last long enough to be passed down from generation to generation. From sofas and chairs to bookcases and coffee tables, you can get every piece of living room furniture in the classic Shaker style. Our most popular pieces include:

  • Shaker-Style Bookcases: There are endless options when it comes to Shaker-style bookcases. Some are wide, while others are tall. Some have open shelves, while others have cabinets. All our bookshelves are built from solid wood for premium design and durability, so you’re sure to find a Shaker bookcase that will fit your living room space. You may be surprised by how well Shaker living room furniture coordinates with the other furniture in your home.
  • Shaker-Style Clocks: If you want a beautiful, solid wood clock that will hold up to everyday wear and tear, look no further than a Shaker-style clock. Grandfather Shaker-style clocks add a sense of uniqueness and character to your home that’s hard to match. Customizable options include the addition of a wine rack or a glass door. You can also choose the type of wood and stain you prefer. Maple, oak and a variety of other woods are great options for Shaker-style grandfather clocks.
  • Shaker-Style Coffee Tables: For a coffee table that’s both simple and highly functional, choose a Shaker-style coffee table. The simplistic design allows the piece to be very versatile. Some of the styles feature open designs with a lower shelf, while others have closed cabinets and drawers. We can create tables of all shapes and styles out of any solid wood you choose. To finish it off, choose a stain that will coordinate with your other Shaker living room furniture.
  • Shaker-Style End Tables: For a living room that seems to be missing something, a Shaker end table could be just the thing. End tables are incredibly versatile, meaning you can use them almost anywhere in the living room. Put them next to the sofa for convenience and practicality, or place one on a wall under a mirror with some décor. These tables are so sturdy you can even place heavy lamps and other items on them without worrying. Shaker end tables are the perfect pieces to tie an entire room together.
  • Shaker-Style Rockers: A glider or rocking chair is the perfect way to add unique additional seating to the living room. Our Shaker-style rockers have a simple design while offering ultimate comfort. Prop your feet back and relax as you rock back and forth in a beautiful, handcrafted Shaker-style rocker. These pieces often become family heirlooms you can pass down for generations. Add a durable and reliable rocker to your living room in any solid wood finish you choose.
  • Shaker-Style Chairs: A Shaker chair is a great piece of furniture that can go almost anywhere in the living room to accent your sofa or loveseat. We use solid handcrafted wood and comfortable cushions to build all our Shaker-style chairs. We also offer a seemingly endless variety of upholstery options. Choose a pattern that matches your sofa, or choose something will contrast it for an intriguing aesthetic appeal.

To create a living room that has a simple style with incredible functionality, opt for Shaker-style living room furniture. The durability of the pieces keeps the furniture in impeccable shape even after repeated use. Plus, when you shop at, you can add a Shaker-style piece of living furniture to your home for up to 33% off the retail price!