When you shop with AmishOutletStore.com, you can feel confident you’re receiving the product of our commitment to high-quality construction, exceptional durability and materials built to last. Our cedar furniture is the ideal representation of our mission to providing a custom-built, long-lasting piece of furniture that will provide happiness and satisfaction to your family for generations to come.

Among our gorgeous cedar wood furniture collection, our cedar wood chests are an innovative, spacious storage solution for your home. Featuring beautiful cedar wood coloring and showcasing expert attention to detail, our cedar wood chests are a perfect addition to any home.

Cedar Chests Constructed With the Best Materials

All our handmade furniture pieces at AmishOutletStore.com involve the use of high-quality materials and tools in their construction. When you order a cedar chest from us, your custom-made piece will be built by a dedicated Amish craftsman. Your furniture builder has acquired skills and techniques passed down through many generations, and you can feel confident those skills will be applied to the final piece you receive for your home.

At AmishOutletStore.com, our furniture is built with northern kiln-dried hardwood, a type of wood that promotes longevity, structural integrity and a lasting foundation. We believe you should be able to enjoy furniture for a long time, and our cedar wood chests are designed to let you do just that.

With customizable options available, we’re proud to deliver a final piece that’s a perfect fit for your home, preferences and lifestyle. Constructed with solid wood, your Amish cedar or blanket chest provides an exciting, practical option for storing your blankets and bedding accessories.

To complement our custom selections, you can choose from several models, all of which are equipped to provide optimal functionality for your home. Whatever type or style you choose, your cedar wood chest will be a beautiful, lasting addition to your home.

Receive Up to 33% Off Your Custom-Made Cedar Chest Today

Because we proudly offer our customers many opportunities to customize their pieces based on their preferences, we encourage you to explore our unique selection of styles, collections and designs online. As you explore our choices, please reach out with any questions you many have. We know choosing furniture for your home is an exciting process, and we want to support you in your efforts to find the perfect pieces for your living space.

When you choose handmade Amish furniture, you have a unique opportunity to experience one-of-a-kind design and construction in your furniture. Purchasing a custom-made cedar wood chest is not only an investment in your home, but we believe it’s an investment in your happiness. After all, there aren’t many things in life quite as special as owning a piece of furniture that’s designed just for you.

At AmishOutletStore.com, we strive to provide competitive pricing options for each of our furniture pieces. When you shop online today, you can take advantage of up to 33% off your custom-made, Amish handcrafted cedar wood chest.