Your house is not a home until you have incorporated the addition of a custom rustic Amish bench! Rugged enough to be featured on your porch but clean and sleek enough to be used at your kitchen table or as an entryway bench, these Amish wooden benches can do it all.
In addition to being versatile and suitable for any room of the house, our benches are also durable. We craft our rustic benches from the finest-quality materials. We design them to remain sturdy through years of daily use. Forget about flimsy decorative benches. Ours are the real thing, capable of supporting people when they sit down and remaining in use for the long term.

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What’s Special About Our Solid Wood Benches?

We consider all of our furniture unique. Our Amish-made benches stand out because they have been constructed with three purposes in mind:

  • Comfort: We offer a fabric bench seat that cushions you when you sit down. Our other benches have been made to offer the perfect amount of support.
  • Style: We have fun coming up with new twists on the classic bench, such as one designed with two different types of well-worn wood for a chic-shabby look.
  • Longevity: You will get years of use out of our benches, something to value at a time when many electronics or appliances seem to break down more quickly than ever.

Adding Your New Bench to Your Old Décor

One challenge every homeowner faces when bringing home a new piece of furniture is how to meld it into the existing design. There’s nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a piece, only to bring it home and realize it matches nothing in your house. Luckily, our versatile benches won’t have this problem.

We’ve embraced a neutral design that will look good against any color palette. Our rustic wood benches come in light and dark colors, so you can gauge what would best match your living room, kitchen, entryway or wherever else you plan to place your bench.

Of course, if you love the look of your bench but don’t love the furniture that’s already in the room where it’s going, you could always buy new pieces to match. We offer a wide array of furniture for bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and entryways, all of it handcrafted by artisans who value the uniqueness of a piece as much as you do. Buying new furniture would ensure everything matches perfectly, eliminating those decorating headaches.

Caring for Amish-Made Wooden Benches

As you’d expect with any high-quality product, there are a few special guidelines you’ll need to follow in order to keep your bench in top shape. The first and most important thing to remember is to not clean it with water. Water can stain or warp wood, as you’ve probably noticed when you place a cold drink on a wooden table. The drink “sweats” into a condensation circle, which doesn’t come off after you’ve removed the glass.

Instead, use cleaners formulated for wood. Also, avoid using paper towels to clean your bench, as they can leave behind a fine layer of paper debris. Choose a terry towel or microfiber cloth instead. And, finally, keep your bench away from air ducts and baseboard heaters. Excess heat can dry out any type of wood furniture, weakening and discoloring it.

Seamlessly Incorporate Your Décor

When it comes to decorating your home, you might think that most people start with the furniture and sprinkle in the accent pieces along the way. But the truth is that many of us already have accent pieces that we want to feature in our homes and thus need furniture that will blend seamlessly with them to create synergy. Of course, if we ever want to redecorate, we’ll also need furniture that can be used with a myriad of décor choices.

Rustic Amish benches serve both purposes. Since there are a few different design styles to choose from, all you have to do is pick the one that best matches your personality and you can be sure that it will withstand the test of time, regardless of your décor choices. If you are the type to explore and appreciate the outdoor world, the 36” bench with fabric or the rustic flat top bench are probably better suited to your design style than the beam bench or the benchmark bench. Alternatively, if you prefer a more modern look, you’ll probably enjoy the sequoia bench or the live edge bench rather than the timber bench.

With Proper Care, an Heirloom Is Born!

You may not think of Amish furniture benches as possible family heirlooms, but anything that lasts long enough to be passed through generations can qualify as an heirloom as long as you take care of it. These wooden benches should last for multiple generations.

The best way to care for your Amish wooden benches is to make sure you dust and clean them on a regular basis. Use damp cotton cloths, lamb’s wool or microfiber towels rather than feather dusters when dusting, however, as the feathers can cause slight scratches and damage to the finish. It’s also important to keep your wooden furniture away from direct sunlight, extreme heat and humidity, as these conditions can warp and damage the natural fibers of the wood.

Durability for Generations

When you pick out furniture for your home, you may not be thinking about the overall durability of the product. But it’s an important thing to consider, especially when comparing pricing. For instance, a big box store may have a knockoff version of one of our original designs, but when considering your purchase, you’ll want to look at the durability of that piece, as well. Expert craftsmen make our products individually out of the finest materials, which means they will last you generations.

The big stores sell factory-produced products that will fall apart in a matter of years, causing you to buy multiple versions of the same product over and over again.

Experience the Difference

There is no reason to settle for inferior, mass-produced furniture that’s shipped from oversees when you can purchase high-quality, American made Amish furniture. As a family-owned and operated business located in Smithsville, OH, focuses our core values around hard work, honesty and fairness, and we use those values to shape the way we do business. Our products are created using only the finest kiln-dried woods such as Cherry, Maple, Oak and Hickory, and are assembled by Amish artisans.

High-Quality Products at Unbeatable Prices

We strive to provide you not only with the highest quality product, but also an unbeatable price and incredible customer service. That’s why, if you order today, you’ll be eligible to save up to 33% off of our regular retail prices. If you have a large order, you can save an additional 10%.

Take the First Step Today

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step in your home design today and check out our impressive collection of rustic Amish benches. Pick out one or two that work for you and your home and use our convenient online ordering tool to order now. Then, just sit back and wait for your custom bench to be delivered straight to your doorstep.