Are you a craftsman, builder, artist or home DIY enthusiast looking for an efficient way to dedicate a section of your home to your craft? When you’re hoping to create a work area that works with your needs and offers you an easy way to store your tools and supplies, an Amish Workbench is a useful, attractive solution to add to any area of your home.

Whether you’re setting up shop in the garage, a work shed or the basement, our selection of Amish workbenches offers you everything you need to feel confident in your craft and fit everything in one place. In addition, these high-quality furniture pieces provide the best in design and durability.

Create Your Custom Amish Workbenches

When you purchase an American made Amish Workbench from, you can pick from our handcrafted Heartland Craft Bench and Murphy Workbench in the wood type and stain color that suit you. Each workbench is crafted to fit your style — and you can make sure yours works with your home and tastes with your choice of materials. Pick from Oak and Q.S. White Oak for the Murphy Workbench or Oak, Q.S. White Oak and Brown Maple for the Heartland Craft Bench. Customize either bench with one of 24 rich wood stains.

With our rustic variety of styles, woods and stains, you can find the workbench that works perfectly with your home decor and your personal style.

The Advantages of Buying Amish Workbenches for Your Office

The Amish artisans who make our furniture do exceptional work, and you will be proud to display their hand-crafted creations in your commercial workspace. Many businesses need workbenches to hold their tools, keep their work areas tidy and ensure none of their equipment gets broken or lost. These workbenches make an outstanding addition to a mechanic’s space, plumber’s office, HVAC business and to so many other companies that use tools every day.

When you invest in a high-quality workbench, it tells your customers you have invested in your business as well. It sets the tone for your space, raising expectations for what you can do for them. Our workbenches can be customized as well to suit your warehouse or office space and match your existing decor. Your employees will love having a new place to store their most important on-the-job items.

In addition to getting a beautifully made workbench, you also receive other benefits when you buy from us, such as:

  • Bulk buying options: Get a discount when you buy lots of furniture for your business.
  • Monthly specials: Our homepage details our deals, and we update them each month.
  • Exceptional long-term value: The fine quality of our craftsmanship and materials gives you dependable furniture you can count on for years to come.

Choose Amish Workbenches For Your Home

Handcrafted by expert Amish crafters with generations of extensive building experience, our furniture from offers the utmost in quality, durability and longevity. Order your Amish Workbench online today and save up to 33% on the retail price.

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