Avondale furniture is known for its unique combination of elegance and rustic charm. AmishOutletStore.com is proud to carry a variety of Avondale pieces that are ideal for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of a bedroom without being too “flashy.” Our selection includes a solid wood Avondale bed, chest, nightstand and dresser with mirror. Purchase one piece or mix and match to create a customized bedroom set!

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It can be tough to take your eyes off of the Avondale bedroom furniture collection available at AmishOutletStore.com. The Avondale style includes complementary dark and light wood stains, creating a unique visual effect for any sleeping area. As with all Amish handmade furniture pieces, the Avondale bedroom collection shows off craftsmanship and artistry.

Suitable for Many Interior Design Styles

Our Avondale bedroom furniture looks wonderful in a variety of bedrooms, from classic to traditional and retro to modern. Consider adding some of your own touches to your bedroom to set off the innovative features of the Avondale collection:

  • Paint the room in contrasting colors. This will echo the light/dark look of your Avondale bedroom collection pieces.
  • Choose a hardwood flooring in any wood. Add a third color hue to your room with hardwood floorboards or hardwood-inspired laminate.
  • Add curves to elements of the room. Because the Avondale bedroom collection features linear touches, why not add some curves? Choose floral or feminine window treatments, or add a quilt containing florals. This gives you the chance to play off the straight lines of the alternating dark/light woods of Avondale furniture like the Dresser with Mirror or Bed.
  • Bring a sense of nature to the bedroom. Are you looking for a way to add rustic charm to your bedroom? Avondale bedroom furniture sets are well-suited to achieve this type of look. Pair your new Amish furniture with paintings, window dressings, bedclothes and other items that have a natural appeal.

Be creative with your bedroom designs and have fun making your place of rest a true oasis.

Great for All Kinds of Bedrooms

The Avondale furniture collection isn’t just for spacious master bedrooms. It’s also perfect for kids’ bedrooms, guest bedrooms, in-law quarter bedrooms and teens’ bedrooms. If you have a bedroom in your home that could use a facelift, start by shopping at AmishOutletStore.com. You’ll save up to 33% off retail prices on genuine Amish furniture and have sturdy, gorgeous pieces that will last a lifetime.

Mix and Match With Other AmishOutletStore.com Pieces

Find a piece of Avondale furniture you love, but you want to pair it with another Amish furniture style? It’s no problem. All handmade furniture can be mixed and matched to create the mood you envision. All our complementary pieces work well together, especially if you want to design a bedroom that has an eclectic flair.

Handcrafted Avondale Furniture of the Highest Quality

We don’t believe in selling mass-produced Avondale bedroom furniture that comes from some overseas factory. Instead, our furniture is meticulously handcrafted with pride right here in the USA! Our location in the heart of Ohio Amish country gives us access to highly skilled Amish furniture-makers who focus on the quality of the finished product instead of the number of pieces they can turn out in a day. Nobody makes fine furniture better than the Amish!

The Finest Hardwoods Available Anywhere!

All pieces in our Avondale bedroom collection are made from northern kiln-dried hardwoods, which are known for their ability to hold up over many years of heavy use while still retaining their remarkable strength and beauty. Depending on the piece, your choices can include Oak, Cherry and Maple, to name a few. Use our convenient online design tool to find the perfect stain for your hardwood selection. Let your “inner designer” and your imagination run wild!

We’re a Family-Oriented Online Furniture Store

If you’re tired of dealing with impersonal online merchants, then you’ll appreciate our customer-friendly furniture buying experience. When you contact AmishOutletStore.com for assistance, you’ll always be treated with dignity and respect. We’re a family-owned and operated company that puts the needs of our customers first. And with our large assortment of discounts, including up to 33% off the regular retail price on all Avondale furniture if you order right now, you’ll also save money on your purchase.

Quality Furniture That Lasts and Lasts

One of the issues with most mass-produced furniture is that it only lasts a short time. This means you have to keep updating your bedroom furnishings, which can be expensive and frustrating. Amish furniture, like the Avondale bedroom collection sets as well as individual pieces, is different. It’s built to withstand the test of time thanks to unparalleled furniture-making techniques. This allows you to buy your preferred Amish furniture today so you can pass it down to future generations tomorrow.

Find exceptional Amish furniture for every room in your house, starting with the bedroom, at AmishOutletStore.com. Take a closer look at our entire Avondale bedroom collection and place your order right here on our convenient and secure website. You can also order by giving us a toll-free call at 1-800-217-6999.