Reclaimed Barnwood Amish Dining Room Furniture

Reclaimed barnwood might be headed for the landfill if we didn’t intervene. By taking wood used to make barns, we recycle vital natural resources and enjoy finding a second use for this sturdy and attractive wood. You capture a sense of nostalgia when you turn something old into something new. Our reclaimed barnwood furniture will bring character and charm to your home. We have used reclaimed barnwood to construct a multitude of tables and chairs, which you can enjoy in your kitchen or dining room.

The dining room furniture sold by is American made with only the finest reclaimed wood. We just choose pieces that have the structural integrity to hold up through their second usage. You can customize our items, too. Choose from a selection of different wood types, such as Oak. You can also have a stain applied to your dining room furniture to protect the wood’s natural grain.

Amish artisans make each piece of furniture sold at They learned their trade by watching their parents and grandparents before them, and they understand the nuances of working with aged wood. They use only the best materials for each piece, and they continue to rely on the same time-proven techniques that the previous generations employed. We think you’ll find our durable, sturdy furniture even lives up to the description of “heirloom quality.”

Contact us today to place your order or learn more about our reclaimed barnwood furniture. Remember, we offer monthly specials on our homepage in addition to up to 33 percent off everyday prices.

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