Reclaimed barnwood is an environmentally sound choice for your office furniture. This wood comes from old barns that have been torn down. Rather than sending that wood to a dump, we step in to claim it for our artisans, who turn this recycled material into new, American made furniture. It’s a green process that reuses beautiful wood for your benefit. The wood we employ in our bookcase and desk will draw people’s attention in your office, and you have a great story to tell them about its origin.

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Every office space, whether you work from home or in a traditional setting, needs bookcases and desks to get more organized. When you invest in our furniture, you get professional, polished pieces that will show clients and other visitors your commitment to your workspace. You also gain the organizational structure you need from these items. You can keep papers and knickknacks stacked on the bookcase for easy access. The desk has ample storage space for files and essential correspondence.

Our artisans create the items from in the traditional manner they picked up by watching their parents and grandparents at work. One generation hands down its furniture-making techniques to the next, which has built the Amish reputation for exceptionally made pieces. They last much longer than any of the mass-produced items you find at traditional retailers.

We offer up to 33 percent off on our furniture every day, in addition to monthly specials you can find on our homepage. Contact us today to learn more about our Amish Workspace furniture made from reclaimed barnwood.