At you can bring the look and feel of Mission-style furniture to your office or workspace. Our Mission-style office furniture has a natural wood construction with a variety of stain and finish options. The surface is also perfect for painting if you prefer a bolder look. Either way, the value of the Amish crafted office furniture is incredible.

Mission Office Furniture Available From

Our versatile furniture options will work with whatever office layout you have. Select the pieces you need in the sizes, styles, and colors that best suit your space. You’re sure to find any piece you need in our catalogue, including:

  • Desks: Amish-crafted desks are incredibly sturdy and durable. They are built to handle daily use and won’t wear down over time. There are a variety of Mission desks available to suit every need. If you’re looking for a desk with a lot of storage, try a desk with drawers and shelving built in. Skinny desks and corner desks are good choices for small rooms because they don’t take up too much space. Customize the desk and choose a coordinating stain to tie your entire office space together.
  • Desk Chairs: After you find the perfect office desk, you need a matching Mission desk chair. Choosing the perfect chair is incredibly important because it not only makes a statement in the office, but it has to be comfortable. We offer more than 40 different chair styles with customizable arms, cushioning and stains. Our artisans don’t use vinyl or plastic, either — instead, they use the finest wood to craft chairs with a classic look that are also durable and long-lasting.
  • File Cabinets: Reduce clutter in your workspace with a Mission file cabinet. Choose the size and style that best suits your needs. Standalone file cabinets are one option, while other file cabinets are part of a bookcase or credenza. Decide on a small, two-drawer file cabinet or get something larger with more drawers. Our cabinets are available in various wood types and finishes, so you can easily match them to your other office furniture. You can even get two cabinets of varying sizes to complement each other.
  • Bookcases: Mission bookcases are a must for offices with other Mission-style furniture. The bookcase can easily become the focal point of the room, so choose one that will complement the style of your office. We offer bookshelves in all shapes and sizes. Customizable options include drawers, glass, sliding doors and cabinets. As always, we encourage you to match the stain of the bookshelf to the other furniture in the room for a harmonious look. Make sure you have enough shelves to house all the books, knick-knacks and décor you want to display.
  • Printer Stands: To finish off your Mission office furniture look, consider adding a Mission printer stand to the room. Though printer stands are small and don’t take up much space, they must be sturdy and strong enough to support the weight of a printer and its accessories. A Mission-style printer stand will be incredibly strong and will stand up to repeated uses. Place near the desk for a finished look.

Other Mission-Style Office Furniture

In addition to the office furniture we already mentioned, other Mission office furniture is available on Credenzas, conference tables, sewing centers and work benches are among the other options. Choose the pieces you need to complete your unique office or work space.