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3 Reasons to Shop for Amish Chairs

Finding the perfect dining set can be a challenge, especially if you already have the perfect table but no chairs. Finding high-quality, affordable options that fit the style of your table or home can prove to be difficult. If you’ve exhausted all your options, or don’t know where to start, we recommend that you shop for Amish chairs. These chairs are made by Amish craftsmen with a selection of the best American hardwoods. They’ve proven to be dependable and the builders offer a large variety of styles paired with endless customizable options. When you shop from Amish furniture stores, you’re bound to find these qualities in all of their options.


Amish woodworkers work with American hardwoods more than any other material. This means you’re guaranteed to find solid wood dining chairs made of Cherry wood, Maple varieties, Oak varieties, and Walnut wood. These wood types all vary in levels of hardness but all of them can be turned into high-quality, durable, and sturdy chairs. Many Amish builders will allow you to select the wood type you’d prefer for your chairs so that they’ll be perfect for your needs. However, you might find an in-stock/floor model option in a store that is exactly what you need without needing to create an order.

Amish-made chairs are designed to last a lifetime in both beauty and structure.


Bent Dowel Arm Chair

Hardwood chairs are some of the most comfortable seating options around – especially those designed by Amish manufacturers. Every design is done with great attention to detail and intentionality. Comfort does not suffer for the sake of making a piece look “trendy.” If you closely examine Amish chairs, you’ll notice seats with different indentations, cushioned upholstery options, and widths to accommodate a variety of individuals. The backs are also designed to offer good posture and support no matter what style it may come in.

Customizable Options

Amish chairs can be bought in dining sets or as individual pieces. This means you can buy chairs that will fit the style and color pallet of your home. (If you’d like help discovering your style preferences, please visit our Basic Furniture Style Guide.) While the Amish have come to specialize in many new and modern styles, you’ll typically find chairs in the Mission, Shaker, Traditional, and Contemporary styles. You can also select a variety of heights from standard, bar height, and counter height.

When you shop for an Amish chair, you can choose from a variety of stain and paint options. Not only that, many builders will allow you to add arms or upholstered seats to many of the chairs in their catalogs. There is a large selection of upholstery options, and that includes high-performance fabrics. (These are noted for their longevity and resistance to wear and organic stains.)

If you’d like to be able to customize a solid wood chair online and see color samples before you buy, check out the Amish Outlet Store Design Center. Using this program, you can digitally change the design of a piece of furniture on our website. Take the time to experiment with some chairs and see what you like.

Shop for Amish Chairs at the Amish Outlet Store

Amish Outlet Store is one of the largest online hubs of Amish furniture. On our website, we have some of the best competitive prices and a wide selection of furniture styles, collections, and individual pieces. We develop personal connections with the Amish builders who supply us with their furniture. We highly recommend their high-quality chairs and would be happy to help you find the perfect set.

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