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How to Make Your Office Furniture Match Your Style

Your office, whether located in your home or workplace, should be a place of productivity. You can achieve this if you have a well-organized space that fits your style. However, that can be difficult if you have a hard time discerning your tastes and how much money, time, and space you’re working with. Here’s a short little guide to help you get the best office furniture style for you.

Knowing your Office Furniture Style

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You’ve probably been on the internet long enough to have taken style quizzes or come across summaries of popular furniture styles. However, we understand that you may still need help understanding your style. Instead of letting a generic quiz make that decision for you, we recommend our What’s My Style Type guide. This guide breaks down the basic characteristics of popular furniture and is designed to help you discover what you like. Once you know the styles you like, you can move forward to the next step in planning.

Color Palette

Think about the current tone of your room. Are you planning to repaint the walls or redo the floors and trim? The tone of your room is either going to be cool or warm.

  • Cool tones tend to fall into colors like blue, green, purple, and gray.
  • Warm tones come in colors such as red, orange, yellow, pink, and brown.
  • Neutral tones include black, white, or beige.

For the most part, neutral shades can be mixed with either cool or warm tones. However, one tone may look better than the other. If one of these shades is what you are working with, try to look at the undertone of your colors. When a white is creamy then it will look best with warm-toned furniture. A beige with a gray undertone may look best with cool colors. You’ll want to get furniture that has stains or paints that complement your current colors. We have a guide for the best wood for your furniture. This takes into account the tone you’d like to have as well as the hardness levels of each kind of wood. If you need help knowing what will fit your space the best, we recommend you check it out.

Set Your Budget

While we’d all like to have our dream office right away, sometimes it’s more affordable to put the pieces together over time. When thinking about the total you’d like to spend on your office space, be realistic about how many pieces fit into that budget without sacrificing quality. You don’t want to spend money on furniture that you’ll have to replace in two years. You’ll be surprised what great deals you find if you take your time to shop around or buy things over a longer period.

Plan Your Space

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To properly fill a room with pieces in your preferred office furniture style, you need to know the measurements. Measure out the floor and wall space you can utilize. If you’re a visual person, we recommend converting those measurements into a mini diagram of your room by hand or using a digital tool. These layout measurements will help you know how much space you’re working with, and the maximum width, length, and depth each piece can be when all placed in the same room.

First a Desk, Then the Rest.

Every office needs a desk and a chair. Everything else is optional. Decide the size of your desk, and where you’d like to place it before you plan for or buy anything else. The desk is your focal point. Depending on the dimensions and shape of your room, you’ll be limited on the kind of desk style you can place in your office.


While we do love the idea of having an office with a full matching furniture set, it may not be practical for you to own an entire set. Think about which pieces will get used the most and how they will need to be used. Is the space you’re working with big enough for the kind of furniture setup you’re envisioning? If not, search around for smaller alternatives to the pieces you love. This will help you decide where to place each piece based on the flow of your office routine.

Don’t forget to also factor in storage space. No matter what size your space is, having file cabinets for paperwork, shelving for books, and drawers for other office supplies is always handy. These features will also keep your space tidy.


Most office spaces have a mixture of natural and artificial light. Any windows in your office will create a beautiful and warm feeling. However, not having the greatest views or an unavoidable glare on your computer screen may result in the curtains being drawn. Invest in lamps and ceiling lights that fit the mood you’d like in your office.

Look for quality and durability

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High-quality furniture is going to be made of sturdier materials, such as hardwoods, metals, and even some forms of plastics – specifically HDPE. These are the kinds of furniture that will hold up with constant use. However, high-quality furniture can be worn down just as quickly if not cared for properly.

You should always look for something that isn’t made entirely of veneers and other fake wood. It’s easy to see the difference between veneer and hardwood.

When you compare real wood vs. fake wood, you’ll quickly notice:

  • The texture of real wood is smooth, but the grain is detectable. There may be some minor imperfections in real wood as well.
  • Pieces made with real wood have clean edges
  • A natural grain pattern is wavy and varied throughout the entire piece without obvious repetition.
  • The weights are very different, too. Real wood doesn’t sound hollow and is much heavier than veneer.

If you want to know a tip, there is nothing quite like American handcrafted furniture, especially pieces designed and built by Amish manufacturers. These manufacturers can build any office furniture style with incredible quality. However, you may have a hard time finding stores that sell American-made, let alone Amish-made furniture. The next best option is to find a trustworthy online store that specializes in this type of furniture. That’s where we would be happy to serve you. Here at Amish Outlet, we have a great variety of Amish-made furniture ranging in various popular styles.

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There are many benefits to purchasing our well-made office furniture. In addition to enjoying high-quality items fashioned by hand from the best available materials, you receive:

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