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What Furniture Should Be in the Living Room?

Every living room is a blank canvas for your unique style to be on display. At the same time, your living room should be a functional space. This will likely be the room that your guests will spend the most time in, and you might even find yourself here on most occasions. Your goal should be to make this space feel open and comfortable. Before you buy anything new, consider your budget and what you need. Your living room only needs a few quality pieces to be a welcoming space and that’s why it’s important to find long-lasting quality. Let’s dive into the living room basics and discuss why you may want to invest in Amish-made furniture for your living room.

Living Room Furniture Ideas & Must Haves

Couches & Seating

Urban Sofa

The living room is a place of relaxation and connection. That’s why it’s important to have some form of comfortable seating. In many American homes, that is accomplished through sofas and loveseats. While you certainly could go to a box store, we recommend an Amish couch if you’re interested in affordable high-quality furniture  Amish couches come in a variety of upholstery options, from high-performance fabric to genuine leather. The most popular styles amongst Amish builders have solid wood frames. However, there are plenty of styles, cushion options, and reclining features. These Amish-made couches are made to endure a lifetime of wear and still be comfortable after all those years.

Coffee Tables

South Shore Coffee Table

As the name implies, a coffee table is a great centerpiece to place cups of coffee you plan to serve your guests. However, this table can be used for any beverage and as a way to display things in your home, such as books, candles, pictures, and floral arrangements. Amish coffee tables are constructed in a variety of styles, and the majority are made of solid hardwoods. This makes them sturdy, but also beautiful because of the woodworking and natural wood grain. While the most popular styles of Amish-made coffee tables are Mid-Century Modern, Mission, and Rustic, the Amish craftsmen of America continue to make unique designs and familiarize themselves with the latest trends.

End Tables

Dalton End Table

End tables continue to serve as a main component of many homes. They are great for displays and offering smaller storage compartments. End tables often come in matching sets with coffee tables to create a cohesive style. However, we also believe that variety can add some interest to your room. So don’t feel pressured to buy end tables that match your coffee table. Take the opportunity to browse through solid wood end tables. Mix and match each piece in your living room by swapping out the color, style, or hardware.

Entertainment Center

Venice TV Unit

Whether you have a wall-mounted or standing TV, an entertainment center offers a focal point for your living room. It might surprise you to know that these consoles are also made by Amish craftsmen using the same traditional methods that ensure a lifetime of use. Whether it’s a corner entertainment center or wall unit, the Amish use only solid wood — no particle board or cheap plastics.


Vienna Bookshelves
Vienna Bookshelves

Bookshelves are great pieces for so many rooms, including the living room. Amish bookshelves are solidly built, and are common in the Shaker and Mission styles – but are available in so many more styles. There is a wide selection of widths and heights paired with doors, drawers, and other features to keep your space organized. Whether you’re an avid reader or love adding character to a room with decorative shelving, we highly recommend an Amish-built bookshelf. Hardwood bookcases are great as wall units for displaying your favorite literary works, artwork, picture frames, home décor items, and other decorations.

Find Your Living Room Furniture at Amish Outlet

You can find some form of living room furniture in almost every box store. However, not all of these stores carry every style type or a high-quality level. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may have to shop online if your local stores don’t offer what you’re looking for. Amish-made furniture is one such niche that can be difficult to find in some areas. That’s why online stores like Amish Outlet Store exist to offer Amish furniture nationwide.

If you’re interested in furniture that is high-quality or you’d like to shop from a large selection of hardwood furniture then Amish Outlet is the store for you. At, you don’t have to travel to find a great selection of solid wood living room furniture handcrafted in the Amish tradition. Our extensive online inventory contains solid wood living room chairs, bookcases, coffee tables, and much more.


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