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Our Guide to Extendable Dining Tables

Extendable Dining Tables

Picture this. You are planning a small dinner party: just you, your significant other, and two other couples. Let’s call them couple number one and couple number two. Couple number one calls and says that their parents have dropped in. They ask if they can bring them along. Sure, you say, there’s plenty of room. Thirty minutes later, couple number two calls and asks if they can bring their neighbors along. You pause for a moment before saying – no problem! Then you hang up and start to panic because six people have now turned into ten. But your dining room table only seats six! If only you had considered buying an extendable dining table.

What Is An Extendable Dining Table?

round extendable dining tableYour basic dining room extendable table is one where the tabletop can be pulled apart to make the useable surface larger. It works by having one person stand at each end of the table. Each person grasps their side and pulls the table toward them using slow and steady pressure, causing the extension mechanism to slide open in the middle of the table. There are additional pieces that come with your table, called table leaves, that fit into the middle after it’s pulled apart. The first extendable table was created more than 200 years ago to address an increasing need for tables that fit into smaller spaces. There are also other types of tables that offer an extension in other ways, and we’ll go over them below.

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Benefits Of An Extendable Dining Table

Extendable dining tables were a brilliant invention. They allow you to buy the perfect size table to accommodate your family but also adapt for extra guests at the drop of a hat. Just extend the table and you’re good to go! In truth, there’s a ton of reasons to choose an extendable table:


Saving space is the number one reason most people opt for an extendable dining table. Let’s face it, most of the time it’s just going to be you and the family. Why buy a table to seat twelve when you may only need that much seating once or twice a year? And who can’t use extra space in their dining room or kitchen? With a dining table that expands, you can buy the perfect size to use on a daily basis but also have the option to invite more people to the table with minimal fuss.


Extendable tables are usually made from solid wood, making them extremely durable. They are usually simple in design, sporting a classic look that never goes out of style. The extension feature is not complicated, so you never have to worry about it breaking down. Inserting or removing the table leaf is very easy as well. If you are concerned about ease of use, you can put those fears to rest, they are incredibly easy to use.


These types of tables are much easier to move around. Have you ever thought of muscling a table that seats twelve outdoors for a dinner party? Of course not. However, a table for six can easily be put into any position you desire. Once your table is moved to where you want it, extend the table, and voila! You have as much seating as you need wherever you want it.


You can get extendable dining tables in many different styles. Of course, we’re partial to wood dining tables, but you can also get them in glass and metal varieties as well. Even putting material aside, you can get these dining tables in sizes large or small, and in designs ornate or simple. There is a dining table to fit any style or decor that you like.

Different Types of Extendable Dining Tables

Believe it or not, there are several different styles of expandable dining tables you can choose from. The Amish Outlet Store has great options for you in a variety of different designs. Here are just a few of them to get you started!

Traditional Extendable Wood Table

In this type of table, the ends slide apart creating a space for you to add up to four leaves to create the amount of seating you require. Most times with a traditional expandable table the leaves are stored separately, apart from the table. Take a look at our West Point Mission Leg Table. This gorgeous wood dining table fits into any decor thanks to its simple styling and many stains and wood options. You can add up to four leaves to this table, which makes it very versatile.

Leaves that live apart from your table can be tricky to store. Because they are not used very often, they need to be stored flat. If you store them upright, leaning against a wall or something of that nature, they can warp. One of the best places to store them is under your bed. Just remember to dust them off before you use them!

Extendable Table With Self-Storing Leaves

If you don’t want to have to worry about storing the leaves, some tables offer storage for the leaves underneath the tabletop. Our Abbies Special Leg Table is the perfect example. It comes available in three different sizes, and you can choose between one or two leaves. This dining table features a gorgeous wood grain in a simple shaker style. It looks great in any dining room!

Drop Leaf Table

If you are in search of a small dining table for your kitchen or dining room, this is the table for you. With this type of table, one or both ends of the table literally fold down, or drop, allowing the table to fit into small spaces, tuck into corners or live up against a wall. To put up drop leaves, you simply fold them up and turn a small wooden support underneath to make them stay up. Drop leaf dining tables are fantastic for a kitchen nook, a small dining room, and especially useful if you live in an apartment or small condo. This Drop Leaf Leg Table features a drop leaf on either side, adding an additional 20″ of useable space to this charming dining table. This table also pulls apart just like a traditional expandable table so you can add optional leaves if so desired.

You Just Can’t Go Wrong with an Extendable Dining Table

group of friends at dinner tableWe would list some disadvantages of extendable dining tables, but honestly, we can’t really think of any. To further exhibit the versatility of these expandable dining tables, check this table out. Our Split Pedestal Extension Table is a 48″ round table that would fit in just about any room of any size. But this marvelous table that comfortably seats four people on a daily basis can expand to fit TWELVE people. It comes with four leaves, and the single pedestal base actually splits apart when the table is extended, leaving one support pedestal in the middle while the two sides move out to support the ends. The craftsmanship and mechanical genius that goes into this type of workmanship are unbelievable. It really shows you that the sky’s the limit!

So, the next time you are in the market for a dining room table, consider ones that have extension features. Who wouldn’t want the extra space in their dining room? Think about it, you can have an intimate table for just the family 90% of the time, and give the table a little pull and bam – room for more people. There isn’t much in this world that makes your life easier, the least you can do is choose one of the many dining tables that can. Happy Shopping!


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