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The Benefits of Organic, Formaldehyde-Free Baby Furniture

The Benefits of Organic, Formaldehyde-Free Baby Furniture

Every new parent wants to surround their baby with comfort and safety. When it comes to designing your baby’s nursery, you’ll want to be sure it is a safe, welcoming and healthy environment for them. A recent study showed that in the last year, 31 percent of U.S. consumers purchased primarily organic baby care products. This trend seems to have continued into nursery products such as organic and chemical-free baby furniture, with many traditional furniture companies adding organic and green products to their furniture line.

Including nursery furniture that is both organic and chemical-free is one way to ensure your baby’s nursery is a safe and healthy place. Traditional baby furniture often includes materials containing chemicals such as formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds, while organic baby furniture features benefits such as nontoxic stains, compostable materials and solid hardwood construction. While many parents choose to mix and match the furniture in their baby’s nursery, balancing the room with some organic wood furniture is a good way to give your baby a stylish and healthy environment.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Baby Furniture?

Choosing organic baby furniture for your child’s nursery is a healthy and smart choice for many reasons. Not only is it beautiful and built to last, but our environmentally friendly baby furniture does not contain toxic chemicals. Here are some of the many benefits of organic baby furniture.

No Harmful Chemicals

Organic baby furniture does not contain the chemicals in traditional furniture, including:

  • Volatile organic compounds — These are in certain adhesives, dyes and paints and also in Scotchgard fabric protector. They off-gas into the indoor air and pollute it. Babies are particularly vulnerable to VOCs and can suffer adverse health effects such as eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches and dizziness. While short-term exposure to VOCs usually has no lasting health effects, long-term exposure to high levels of VOCs may cause more serious health problems. Our organic baby furniture is 100 percent VOC-free, and we never use chemical driers.
  • Formaldehyde — The National Toxicology Program has identified formaldehyde as a carcinogenic material, meaning it is a known cancer-causing agent. It is in manufactured wood products, such as particleboard, plywood and fiberboard. Studies have shown furniture made with particleboard will off-gas for at least five years. Choosing formaldehyde-free baby products such as solid wood nursery furniture ensures you won’t have to worry about any off-gassing of toxic formaldehyde fumes.
  • Flame retardants — Foam in traditional cushions is made from petroleum-based materials and often sprayed with a toxic flame retardant. When broken down over time, the foam turns into carcinogenic dust particles that get released into the air and breathed in. All our organic baby furniture is non-flammable without being treated by toxic flame retardants.

Solid Wood Construction

Choosing organic solid wood furniture for your baby’s nursery provides many benefits. It is extremely sturdy and will not break apart or corrode over time. We make all our wood furniture from solid Northern kiln-dried hardwoods such as cherry, maple and hickory, not from flimsy plywood or particleboard. Our wood furniture, made without toxic adhesives, veneers or chemical driers, does not emit any VOCs. We use water-based glue with minimal chemical content and an all-organic linseed oil finish derived from natural flaxseed.

Extremely Safe

Organic Baby Furniture Safe and Non Toxic

Organic baby furniture is inherently safer than traditional wood furniture, due in large part to the fact that it is nontoxic. All our organic baby furniture complies with strict safety standards and is made in the USA, so you know it is free of lead that is often present in furniture manufactured in Asia. You want to be sure you’re furnishing your baby’s nursery with safe wood furniture, since they will have close contact with it for cuddling, sleeping and playing. We make our furniture with a food-safe finish, meaning you can safely eat off it.

Better for the Environment

Eco-friendly baby furniture is a smart choice for your baby’s nursery. There are no hazardous chemicals present to off-gas and pollute the indoor air. Since our furniture is fully compostable, you can rest easy knowing no toxic chemicals will leach into the soil and groundwater if you ever have to dispose of the furniture. Most organic furniture is also sourced from sustainably produced materials. In addition, Amish craftsmen create furniture with minimal energy consumption, limited waste and without emitting chemicals or pollutants into the atmosphere.


While most furniture that is truly chemical-free and organic is only available in limited colors such as white or beige, our furniture comes in a variety of woods and stain colors, from natural to dark. Our furniture is easy to mix and match with other nursery furniture and looks beautiful with any nursery decor. Pair the neutral wood tones with soothing pastels or bright and bold colors to create a nursery your baby will love. Amish baby furniture maintains a classic style that will keep it looking fashionable and up to date for many years to come. We offer a variety of baby furniture styles from modern to rustic that will match any decor style.


Choosing baby furniture made of solid wood ensures it can stand up to the wear and tear of babies and children. It will last a long time without breaking and needing to be replaced, like other products made of plywood or particleboard. It’s also extremely easy to maintain and doesn’t require any special products or extensive upkeep to keep it looking its best. You can also pass the furniture down to other children throughout the generations. Since Amish furniture has a timeless quality, you can continue adding to your child’s room over the years with a few other key pieces such as nightstands and bookcases.

Sturdy nontoxic baby Furniture

While organic and chemical-free baby furniture can be more expensive than other baby furniture, it’s worth it to spend a little more on furniture that is sturdy, well-made and nontoxic. Your money can go a long way when buying a crib that converts to a toddler bed or full-sized bed, or a dresser that doubles as a changing station. Whether you choose to furnish the entire nursery with organic baby furniture, or just purchase a few key pieces, we can help you maintain your household budget. Take advantage of our monthly specials, or consider getting all your nursery furniture at once to receive our large-purchase discount.

Shop Organic Baby Furniture

Beautiful Organic Baby Furniture at Amish Outlet Store

When planning your baby’s nursery, it’s essential to buy organic wood furniture for the pieces with which your baby will have the most contact, including items such as cribs, dressers and changers. In addition to furnishing your baby’s nursery with organic and chemical-free wood furniture, consider pairing it with other nontoxic products, such as mattresses that don’t contain traditional foam and pillows, and crib sheets and changing pad covers made of all-natural, organic cotton that is free of pesticides or herbicides. 

We offer baby furniture styles in many different durable hardwood types, such as oak, brown maple, cherry, quartersawn white oak and hickory, and also in a variety of light and dark nontoxic stain colors. Since we make each piece to order, you can have your furniture made in the exact stain color that you want. Whether you want natural finished pieces that will mature with age, choose to mix and match stain and wood finishes or go with a completely matching nursery set, you can be sure it will be safe and beautiful.

Common nursery furniture pieces include:


 The crib is where your baby will spend a majority of their time during their first few years. Choosing an organic and chemical-free crib will ensure that there will be no off-gassing of toxic fumes and no harmful ingredients your baby can inhale or eat if they chew or pick at it. Also, our baby furniture comes with safety features such as hidden fasteners and sturdy bed and conversion rails for keeping your child safe while transitioning from the crib into a daybed or full bed.

Conversion cribs are ideal for your baby’s nursery, as they feature a three-stage adjusting system that allows them to transform into three different pieces of furniture.

  • Crib — For newborns and babies
  • Toddler bed — For toddlers and young children
  • Full bed — For elementary-aged children into the teenage years

With these versatile and beautiful furniture pieces, you are essentially getting three pieces for the price of one. We include instructions for converting your crib into a toddler day bed or full-sized bed in a few simple steps.


Replace Cribs With Safe Toddler Beds

When your baby outgrows his or her crib, but is not yet ready for a full-sized bed, choosing a safe toddler bed is the next step. Amishoutletstore.com offers several styles of toddler beds that are sturdy, safe and able to grow with your child. The beds feature solid wood construction and are available in different types of wood, along with many different nontoxic stain colors. Sized at just over two feet high, and featuring a front safety rail, these beds are perfect for helping your little one feel safe and secure while transitioning from the crib.

  • The Organic Toddler Panel Bed features a slatted back and solid panels at the head and foot.
  • The Toddler Slat Bed features a slatted back and sides.


Having a dresser or changer in your baby’s nursery is essential for storing items such as clothing, blankets and crib sheets. Changing towers have several drawers and a space for a changing pad. A sturdy dresser can double as a changing station, with the addition of a removable changing box top and changing pad, ideal for housing diapers, creams and wipes for baby, and then clothing and toys as they grow older. Each dresser or changer comes in different wood types and stains. In addition, each dresser or changer features fine dovetailed drawers and soft-close undermount drawer slides, which keep little fingers from getting pinched. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recommendations for anchoring top-heavy furniture to prevent tip-over accidents.


Bookcases can be an excellent addition to your baby’s nursery and are perfect for housing a storybook collection that can inspire a lifelong love of reading or for storing collectibles or knickknacks. We make our bookcases in several different types of wood and nontoxic stain colors that coordinate with our other Amish baby furniture.


Later on, when your child transitions into a toddler or full-sized bed, you can add one or two nightstands to their bedroom for a little extra storage and a place for a small lamp or nighttime glass of water. We have a large selection of nightstand styles are available in several different woods and nontoxic stain colors and made to coordinate with our conversion cribs, dressers and changers. Our nightstands feature fine dovetailed drawers and soft-close undermount drawer slides.

Get the Best for Baby

Furnish Your Baby's Nursery With Organic Amish Furniture

At Amishoutletstore.com, you can furnish your baby’s entire nursery with beautiful organic Amish furniture. Experienced Amish craftsmen carefully make each piece of furniture by hand as if it were intended for their own children. Featuring solid hardwood construction and nontoxic stains, every piece will be beautiful, safe and sturdy. You can find out whether a furniture piece is chemical free by simply checking that product’s description on our site.

With us, the more you buy, the more you save with our large-order discount. Whether you are looking for the perfect crib for your newborn’s nursery or want to fully furnish their new space, be sure to check out our full selection of beautiful solid wood Amish baby furniture.


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